Nubby Twiglet For SOLESTRUCK: featuring Gee Wa Wa.

Nubby Twiglet, a fashion blogger with a strong voice and an even stronger eye recently collaborated with our creative team to bring you the following editorial featuring the Gee Wa Wa FEMMES. Nubby, also from Portland sat with Ty McBride for a quick Q&A. Check out her amazing feature here and of course, get too know Gee Wa Wa, a new brand to the site along the way. This collabo with Nubby, is our second blogger collaboration. We partner with top industry voices to get their take on styling, shoes, the brands we offer, and then collaborate on visuals for the site. I wanted to note that in addition to modeling for these images, Nubby also created them–all this and she has a crush on Bill Clinton?! Read on, read on.

Ty Mc: Nubby, it seems like the fit between yourself and solestruck is an obvious one….SHOES? Who are your TOP three favorite shoe brands/designers?

N.T.: Ooh, good question! My all-time number one favorite brand is Dries van Noten. Right now, I am up to 7 pairs and wear them all religiously. Second would have to be Chloe. Their styles are edgy but still super well made. I know that I will still easily be wearing the styles I own in 10 years. Lastly, I would include Jeffrey Campbell. Anyone who thinks up something as wonderous as the Clinics is a god in my book. And, his affordable prices make the shoes more accessible to everyone. I am a big fan of good design for all!

Ty Mc: We love your take on goth/glam dark styling, with a touch of irony and whimsy, in short, what is your look for Fall 2010?

N.T.: Space Android! I want to look like I stepped off The Mothership. Or, like I am on my way to a goth club in 2050. In short, my look calls for extreme black layers with lots of draping and zippers, a dash of sequins, some Rick Owens and the JC Clinics, of course.

Ty Mc:Which of the following is your least favorite: The term JEGGINGS? TWILIGHT THE MOVIE? or Late night texts from an ex who is still kinda cute?

N.T.: Oh, Jeggings by far. That term sends shivers up my spine. I don’t understand the Twilight phenomenon but then again, I don’t read fiction or watch movies.

Ty Mc:You hail from Portland Oregon, same as SOLESTRUCK, what is your favorite Portland spot?

N.T.: Probably the Doug Fir. Of course I’ve been there a million times but during the summer, listening to drunk people’s conversations by the fire pit out back is beyond entertaining. And, instead of the typical gross bar food, you can order garlic mashed potatoes off the happy hour menu. Sold!

Ty Mc: What is your actual Job? Blogger? Graphic designer? Stylista? Journalist? Who is Nubby Twiglet!

N.T.:I am a full-time graphic designer and blogger. My days are spent at ad agencies around town, knocking out campaigns and my lunch hours and evenings are spent blogging. There aren’t enough hours in a day. I am a total cliché Virgo Workaholic™.

Ty Mc: If you could sum up your love for in five words or less what would they be?

N.T.:Shoe-a-holic. Fierce. Fashionable. Accessible. Friendly.

Ty Mc:And finally!!! The question we have all been waiting for….who is your current celeb crush?

Well, all-time celeb crush would be Michael Jackson. Those moves and costumes — need I say more?!! But a living crush would have to be Bill Clinton. Power and charisma win me over every time.

XX Nubby

Shop the entier Gee Wa Wa collection HERE. These oversized wedges are apparently mothership ready! Love you Nubby!

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