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Limited Edition.

Senso from Australia, sold exclusively at is due to arrive in our PORTLAND OREGON warehouse in the early weeks of July. Today we kick off the SENSO frenzy with preselling on all the styles. With prebooking now goods are guranteed to ship to you by July 19th—and at this point it’s looking like it could be earlier!

Created by a family based Australian company—and introduced to the states by SOLESTRUCK, you can bet this won’t be the last you hear of SENSO. Amazing shapes, styles, textures, trends and patterns create a line that is street savvy, sexxy and affordable. Our early picks? The Wilma and the Tiffany….can I get a double MEOW!

We would also love to mention the new SENSO LANDING PAGES were designed by Nubby Twiglet. Do you know her blog? You should. She is now partnering with us on special launches, design work, and collabos! Check her out. These “animal inspired” images are part of the new SENSOXSOLESTRUCK lookbook that is coming out first week of July for download and in print. Stay tuned as we continue to refresh our international account page for up-to-the-minute tracking of our Senso Shipment.

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    Senso have some crazy awesome shoes and boots. Ive been buying Senso for over 10 years here in Australia and they never cease to amaze me!