Ohhhh Rok me…Mary Roks me! And the Winner is!

We are proud to announce the Winner from Day Number one of our 12 Day Holiday gift-a-thon! This winner caught our attention on our FB page with a great post that had our sides splitting and eyes watering!

(Here is the profile pic from the “private profile of Kelly Kellon…we like a little mystery as well.”)

Kelly KellonWrote: Dear Solestruck I’ve been naughty, I work at a fine dining restaurant in union sq NYC and I go around at the end of the night stealing all of the bread from the bread warmers that they usually throw away.. & Ive been nice, Then I bring the bags of bread to the food bank and hand out the warm bread to all the homeless waiting in line for it to open in the morning… True story!!

We love it! You are like the Robin Hood of NYC! We promote stealing from work and giving to the homeless—and that is truly the only thing you should do with carbs!!! GIFT THEM! We love you Kelly Kellon—you WIN, why? Because WINNERS WIN!

So, Dear Kells Kellon—you win one pair of Mary Roks—and knowing you you just might gift them…or wear them down to the Bowery with your next bag of bread! Pay it forward! The challenge for our blog hits the blog in moments!

One down–11 to go– let the giving begin! I feel like OPRAH up in here!

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