Ok. You win.

We casually asked our FB fans….”if you could choose any version of lita (what color and what heel, what treatment etc) what would it be?”…..We got so many good replies…and it was just for fun, but this one took the cake. The plastic dinosaur heel really takes it to the championship level! LOVE LOVE LOVE. We sent this to Jeffrey Campbell Head Quarters and were like…please?

This was suggested by our FB friend Brandy Stone. Dear Brandy…we are official obsessed with you!

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  • bravegrrl

    i’d soooooo rock em!

  • Natalie

    Jeffrey Campbell + dinosaurs! I think my world just exploded!

  • Judith

    That look like so much fun :D

  • Nickie Frye

    I still say tooled leather. PLEASE???