Old is new?

Remember those little find-the-differences puzzles you played when you were a kid? Well, we all know that awesome brogues are totally in right now, but please…list the differences in the two above shoes.

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of brogues booties, which are great, but when adding the element of the flat heel, they look suspiciously like something from Little House on the Prairie.

Now, take it or leave it, the resemblance is uncanny. Right? I mean, there’s the curvature of the pinking and the brogues design, the minimal heel, the lace-up vamp. Further, even, is the mid-rise top, making this look very much part of the ankle boot category.

So, now my loverlies…what do you think? Is the Jeffrey Campbell Berry tres chic, or is it a little too, well, pioneering?

  • danz

    They are nice shoes but I have a feeling they wouldn’t do much to flatter my size 11 feet lol.

  • Carol

    I like them:) I have a pair of plain black vintage ones which I have not worn yet but I will!! Carol x