On the 10th Day of Christmas SOLESTRUCK BROUGHT THE NOISE

and brought to you a pair of Jeffrey Campbell–made for BOYS!

That’s right…today is all about the guys. We know JC’s collection for guys is small—but we all own them around here and they are great. From stylish to classic, from cool to edgy. Same great comfort–and one lucky winner can get a pair for himself! Are you a solestruck lady who has a guy who needs a style makeover…then get him into som JEFFREY CAMPBEL MENS! (I just got the STARX-MAN….they are amazing!) Contest open to guys around the globe—let us know why you need new kicks this season. Contest runs for 24 hours!

One lucky guy will be looking dope in the new year in his new FIRST by Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Two ways to enter:

If you are a guy: simply leave a comment here or on our FB page telling us why you deserve these shoes for the holiday!

If you are a girl shopping for your man: Give us the dirt! Why is he in need of shoe therapy! Comment here or on the FB!

Seen below is the SF by JC an iconic shoe, styled in our upcoming Spring Lookbook! So good!

And guys…..just so you know…for 2011 we are kicking it up a notch for you….adding brands, new blog, and tons of cool shoes that you cannot find anywhere else….we are working on it for ya, the ladies shouldn’t get all the perks!

  • Aimee

    My guy is the type of man who wears something till it is in tatters, especially his shoes. He currently has a pair of sneakers that are past their last leg, but refuses to get rid of them since they currently don’t have any holes. They used to be white. Now they are some horrific grey-brown shade. I think a great pair of Jeffrey Campbells would help in convincing him to put the others to rest . . . or at the very least I won’t feel so guilty when I burn them when he is at work.

  • Hayley

    So I’m doing this for my guy, Tosh. The reason I think he needs a pair of these is because he I always walking around in skated out Vans. You know the ones, with the holes in the sides so his baby toe is always saying ‘oh hello!’. He also bought his first motorcycle this fall and I would feel much more comfortable if he was riding it with some boots this spring. Thanks Solestruck!

  • http://Website Kelly Gorman

    Jc men’s shoes=so dope.

  • Joe

    Loving the Men’s JC styles. After spending countless hours, days, months drooling over the ladies JC… its great to finally get the same quality and style for us guys. Loving the Brit and already have a pair of the Starx-MAN as well!

  • Lisa Ann

    Three words… BLACK LEATHER NIKES! Ugh! I feel for a less than fashion fella, but I give him an E effort. The good new is, that he loves my help. It’s stylist dream come true. I got him into slim dark jeans, now for the shoes….

    ☮ Lisa Ann

  • Matty Morin

    I wear Generic Surplus, Asics, and Adidas. Those are the three pairs of shoes in my heavy rotation these days. I own two pairs of Oxfords, both bought second hand. I owned a pair of Miu Miu slip on boots that I bought as a consignment store and wore them into the ground.

    I have never owned a pair of new hot ass boots. And I think it’s time. While there might not be a huge reason why I DESERVE these boots (let’s face it, I make decent money, I work in the heart of Union Square in San Francisco with any number of great places to buy shoes, I know my way around fashion, etc), I’d rock the hell out of them and give you some heavy word-of-mouth advertising. And those Brit Man boots would look hella cute of my feet, basically. xo

    • ty

      Did you say hella cute! OHhhhhhhhh snap!

  • http://Website Jason Mock

    The Barker would certainly bring the style back to my no-credit-card/can’t-
    afford-new-shoes lifestyle that used to be my three-credit-cards/a-new-pair-of-shoes-AT-LEAST-every month lifestyle. Of course, they’d bring the style to the dance floor
    while I bring the musical style to the club in my DJ gig: “It’s Gettin’ Heavy…with Hi-Fi Sugar”

  • http://Website Linda Pondaag

    Simply because my man is very stylish and all those JC shoes for men are so good looking :) He’s been my personal fashion stylist and this is my way to thank him for making me more fashionable each day :)

  • Chloe

    My bf is with the thought that people shouldn’t buy a new pair of shoes until they are falling apart and by that I mean the whole shoe should be destroyed. He also thinks that the older the shoes the more comfortable they will be well he hasn’t tried the JF Shoes, I know he would love a pair of JC Shoes not only becuase of their comfort but also they very stylish! I know a pair of JC Shoes will change his mentality, and will def. convince him to throw those old kick he has!!

  • http://Website Brad

    I got some JC boots last year. They rule. Looking forward to another pair.

  • Dánae

    Why my boy needs a pair of fab Jeffrey Cambells? That’s easy! I have a nice collection of JCs (though never enough, you know!) and he just needs a pair so he’s able to match me in marvelousness! And oh boy, leather fits him so well!! ;)

  • http://Website Sara R,

    My guy is definitely in need of some shoe therapy because
    1. He is currently in between jobs
    2. Has been wearing sneakers till the sole hits his foot
    3. I want him to start the new year in a pair of JC’s with me
    4. I know he wants to be fancy shmancy and what better way than with a pair of his very own JC for Men

  • Riggs

    Out of all my kicks, my feet get noticed most when I’m wearing a slick and slightly worn pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots. Whether I’m rocking my 605 boots in the fall or my tan huarache sandals, my JCs help get me noticed. I love this line and still have every pair of JC men’s I’ve ever owned. Thanks JC for getting me laid, I owe you. Uh, so when can are you putting out new boots?

    • ty

      Sounds like Riggs been getting spoiled!

  • Bruce

    I’ve been rocking the Huaraches all summer…even into the fall.
    I bought 3 pairs, full price.
    I bought another 2 for next year.
    I’m responsible for countless hipsters running to Solestruck after they cornered me on the subway, interrogating my style.
    Rocking some serious JC boots is the next natural step in my evolution as a JC ambassador.

    Help me help you!
    On your momma!

  • http://www.saucierjewelry/ A-Sauce

    LOVE JC shoes because they are fashion-forward, versatile, and affordable. I have a knack for picking out the most expensive shoe and luckily there is a brand that offers styles that pretty much all rock, are well made, and are a luxury that I can actually afford. Thank the lord for JC!

  • http://Website kennyb

    I didn’t know this when I got them, but my JC boots go out the door with me more often than any of my other shoes. And they’re GREAT in the rain.

  • Jason

    Times is tough for a guy with $300,000 of student loan debt and more on the way. I left the world of art and theater for the decidedly less fashionable world of law school. Every day I drool about fashion and dream of looking good and hip. The suits I have are great and I, naturally, look killer in them but, I need to look killer at the club too, at the art gallery, and at my friends’ gigs when I can steal away to New York. I need these shoes to reaffirm my art soul fits with my law work; I can save the people and look good doing it! I have a mountain of debt and never a chance to treat myself. And as an added bonus, the men-folk won’t be able to fight the pull of my rockin’ feet. They’ll come introduce themselves, they’ll buy some JC’s of their own, we’ll be the envy of DC’s gay scene, we’ll make some art, sing some songs, fight some injustice, look hot, and have a happy life together. It all hinges on my having some Brit-Mans, Barkers, or Ziskis.

  • Erik

    I need to step up my game with a pair of JC Barkers.

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  • Tamara

    I know all the girls are gonna ask to take these shoes for their boys, but the person I actually want to give this is my father. I’m not his little prices or trying to suck up, the fact is that in past 10 years (literally) he hasn’t bought the new pair of shoes for himself or we did for him, he’s working his but off the get us everything we ever wanted, and in a month, just after the New Year, I’m leaving this country to find my way somewhere in a world, he’s being DAMN sad coz of it, and I simply need a perfect gift to say goodbye to him. Jeffreys couldn’t be better, I think u’ll agree.

  • http://Website reva skie

    My husband needs shoes because his idea of dress shoes are cowboy boots. Ugh. Boots with slacks. Ugh. Please help my taste deprived husband.

  • http://Website Brianna

    I currently have no men in my life except my brother. But I would much rather give him a new pair of JC’s for xmas than a boyfriend anyways, bc he will always be around and so will the stylish shoes!! He deserves a pair of JCs because as much as I try to be his personal shopper, he just cant stop pairing his cute plaid shirts and J. Crew sweaters with ugly Timberland boots and horrible florescent colored sneakers! He needs a major shoe intervention to improve his look! Plus, then I’d be the best big sister ever and maybe my gift would even trump whatever his girlfriend gets him!

  • FaithJ

    My man needs a pair of TOUGH JCs because he insists on wearing his office shoes for yard work. And in the rain.

  • Julia M

    My boyfriend has never owned a pair of leather shoes! He can’t afford a new pair of shoes right now, even though they’re direly needed, and I’d love for home to start the new year in great quality footwear.

  • Whitney Grinaldi

    My adorable husband will only wear two brands of shoes: Nike… or Converse. He is one of those guys who actually (and rarely) has an opinion when it comes to clothes. Unfortunately for me, our opinions don’t coordinate. Sweet, sweet adorable husband of mine. We’re making progress though… and I have a feeling a slick pair of boots will win him over and he’ll trust me to dress him. Please, oh please!

  • http://Website CB

    How did I NOT know there is a JC Men’s line? I guess because it took me so long to discover JC for myself (two years ago, but I have definitely been making up for lost time), and because it took me so long to discover the man for me (thirty-four years – I have shocked friends and family alike with my engagement). An engagement that came about this summer while my man and I were in Seattle and Portland, and when on this trip we walked hand in hand into the wonder of Solestruck! A parallel shoe universe to the store in Atlanta (where we live) that introduced me to the wonder of JC – Sole. My newly-statused fiance waited so patiently while I tried on the JC boots (the Brandon – hot) that ultimately traveled South with us, and I so selfishly ignored the men’s section – if I had not we would have known there were JC MEN’S! So in order to make up for my extreme selfishness and start my married life in tandem JC style I would LOVE to give my man some hot JC boots!

  • Nancy

    He’s the hottest guy I know and he works 8 days a week running his a** off being a courier for the downtown Bellingham businesses during the holiday season. He plays Santa to our nephews and always gives special gifts to his friends not just during December but year round. When he’s home he’s often mistaken for being “just the gardener” wearing his paint splattered pants and sloppy t-shirts but when he dresses up o-la-la he looks yummy …. except for the shoes… he needs some stylin shoes to go with all the vintage shirts and tailored pants.

  • Gia

    My beau deserves a pair of JC kicks more than anyone i know. (Unless you’re homeless,have no shoes and it’s snowing outside) Sometimes, I threaten to take away sexy time if he doesn’t buy me shoes from solestruck. This happens usually once every 2 weeks since you guys are SO EVIL and find the need to update with new styles so often.(Disclaimer: If he dumps me, I will blame Solestruck for the demise of my relationship) Other times, i secretly use his credit card (which i have on file for emergency shoe purchases). I put him through all this and he has yet to leave me. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. With that being said, I just came to the realization that I own over a hundred pairs of shoes and he has about 3. He is a good man and he too deserves shoes of his own.

  • Connie Ang

    My husband still doesn’t have a clue on how much I have already spent buying myself shoes on his credit card which I took secretly this morning.
    The thing is – I burst the limit on his card and I haven’t gotten him anything!
    I was hoping if he found out, this would make up for it?
    At least when he ask, I can tell him that I got him a really expensive pair of shoes and just ___ for myself.

  • will roundy

    So I have been dating the brown brit man boots online for some time now. I visit them every day, but the distance is killing our relationship.

  • http://Website BrianC

    My wife’s new puppy ate all my shoes. S.O.S

    • ty

      Brian! You need the dog whisperer or new kicks—let me see what i can do.

  • Huge

    My best friend stomps her tranny ass around the streets of nyc in the hottest JC heels i’ve ever seen. Clearly I get no attention from the boys when she’s doin her thang. Can’t wait to out stomp that little hussy in a pair of those new JC brown boots. So damn hot!

  • Tiffany

    One of the great things about my husband is that he always puts others before himself. Unfortunately, that sometimes shows up in his wardrobe – which at best can be described as out of style and overworked. He thinks that if he puts off buying clothes/shoes, etc. he can provide better things for the rest of us – and shoes are the item he is the most funny about! I think a pair of JCs would look great on him and you know he would make them look good – I’ll make sure of it!

  • Trey Avery

    First was so good I want seconds!
    Please sir may I have some more?

  • http://Website TJ Rogers

    My wife has been a huge JC fan for years. She owns about 44 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell’s, I just recently found out that Mens JC’s are available… I have fallen in love with them and would love to add a pair of JC into my closet and compete with my wife’s 44 pairs of JC…. This way I could start my collection in hopes of one day filling up my closet with JC’s just like my wife has……
    Merry Christmas…..

  • Claudia

    Got any mens shoes for girls? I wear mostly mens shoes because I wanna look good and be comfortable in my own style. Womens shoes dont do it for me. I like getting dressed up and i need a finishing touch, such as your stylish shoes. I would like to show your shoes off to my area as well…


  • http://Website AutumH

    There is nothing worse than having my “Dear Husband” dressing up in a suit and tie to go out and then throwing his work boots on because A: Besides having no fashion sense he say’s their comfortable and B: Every piece of nice clothing/shoes I’ve bought him have disappeared or been worn to work. It would be thrilling to be able to parade him around in a pair of stylish new duds for his oversized feet (and less embarrassing for me!)that not only I enjoy to look at but he would too. The semi-fashionable and fashionable people of the world would thank you for it. ;)

  • Brett

    Dear Santa,

    Listen. I’ve asked you for a new pair of cute JC men’s shoes for each of the past 24 Christmases (Christmai?) and let’s face it.. You’ve failed me. Turns out it wasn’t really your fault though. The thing is – sit down. are you sitting down? – YOU AREN’T REAL. You’re just a way of making kids be good all year in hopes they’ll get presents (kind of like Jesus and heaven, but for kids).

    So, with you being fake and all, it turns out my mom has been pretending to be you all these years.. It was nice the first few times, but it’s gone downhill. As my sense of style has developed, hers has reverted to that of a trashy walmart checker. She even moved to Missouri. It’s gotten to the point where I’m nervous that the socks or the gift cards she gets me will be too ugly. Can you do me a favzie this year and please please PLEASE help me out with a cute pair of shoes that I can actually wear in public? It’s getting too cold to go barefoot, and I won’t be caught dead in the pair of sketcher shapeups she’s already planning to get me.

    Your favorite pocket gay,

    PS – are you guys hiring new elves?

  • Ashley

    My BF *desperately* needs to win these JC’s! He literally owns 1 pair of shoes, his gym sneakers, and he wears them EVERYWHERE! He wears them to work all day, then straight to the gym (where they get sweaty and smelly and DISGUSTING!), then he’ll keep them on to go out with me at night! It’s awful… not to mention probably a little unsanitary? Please help him out… and help me out, so I don’t have to put up with those smelly shoes any more!

  • http://Website gregory ayres

    . . . because they are really handsome, look really well crafted and because the heel fell off my 10 year-old cole hans as I was walking to work.

  • http://Website noingerir

    I need to cover my feet with style!! :)

  • Jill

    I’m going to be honest. My boyfriend is in credit card debt because his family makes him pay for everything he needs: his car, food, clothes, etc. He spends whatever he makes on his bills because his mom likes to go out on vacations and buy stuff for her married boyfriend. He rarely spends any money on his closet. Poor guy. Let’s face it. He has nice clothes but he needs at least one pair of shoes that can WOW people. I can’t be the only one in the relationship with a great pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots that makes people stare. It’s a relationship. We need to be equals, even in fashion.

  • Emma

    This is actually my first time on this website and I love it! Then I saw I could win my bf a pair of shoes! How cool and they are an awesome brand. My bf would know nothing about them but I am trying to get him out of his twenty pair of DCs he owns that are in every single color. I hate them and he always seems to pair them with a v-neck and levis. NOT GOOD! Please consider him for the free pair, he needs to see what else is out there for shoes! Thank you!

  • J schlue

    These are so rad. Did I mention that everytime I wear my JC combat boots I get lucky. True story- face!!!!

  • John

    Because Lord knows my selection of shoes needs some desperate help!

  • Scarlet

    My wonderful guy, Justin, needs Jeffrey Campbell in his life! Since we’ve been dating, I’ve slowly been gifting him items that inject some fun into his wardrobe, but shoes can be difficult and really need to be tried on (especially for size 12 feet, that can easily look like boats). He can appreciate the joy my JCs give me, and I’d love for him to feel that same spark and ‘dude, my shoes are awesome’-feeling.

  • http://Website paulie d

    I plan on being homeless in 2011, so any of these fabulous JC styles would keep me stylin’ on the city streets!

  • libys11

    his current winter footwear is just a pair of sperry’s that are made of canvas so it gets his toes really cold. it would totally be lovely if i can win a pair for him to strut around this winter time!!!! if i can’t get myself a new jc pair, i would be more than happy to get him one thru this contest!! :D

  • Crissy

    I think my boy needs new shoes, because he pretty much only wears hiking shoes and sneakers. Their man-made insoles make his feet smell REALLY bad, even though he washes his feet and change his socks twice daily. Please give him a pair of shoes so that I can save my nose from such olfactory offenses!

  • Gabriela

    Ok I hope Im still on time since it said 24 hours… I wanna give my brother something cool for chrstmas. He was attacked 3 years ago and has a tbi ( brain injury) and is still trying to recover. The thing is he hasnt been able to work since the attack and he was always a shoe freak (unlike other guys) and he hasn’t been able to buy shoes anymore… What do you say? A pair of jc he would sooo love!

  • k6ps

    Wrote a long story (and i’m fairly sure i did submit it) but it somehow never appears in the comments :( Maybe it was too long or was somehow qualified as spam… Anyhow, THANKS for thinking about men too :)

  • Sofia Figueiredo

    Dear Solestruck!

    my boyfriend definitely needs these shoes for two reasons:
    1. his mother kicked him out of his house because she was a drunk and he is now living with me and his clothes and shoes have been burned by her resentful self.
    2. i really want to get him something he’ll love and i think this will be the perfect way to start his closet over here and ring in the new year with good taste! :)
    and 3 i cant afford to buy him an entire new collection of shoes ;(

    i hope you can agree with me <3

  • JESS W

    if there were any better time for me to stumble upon the chance to get a new pair of shoes, now would be that time. for the last three years, i’ve put off and put off again, buying new ones; “sole”ly for the reason that i can’t seem to find a nice pair of dress shoes to fit my feet. a size 13 narrow shoe is harder to find than you’d think and when you work in a fancy office, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the D&G and Prada and Jimmy Choo’s running amuck making your beat-up, old, torn up Banana Republic’s look even worse. i’m in need, solestruck and JC. Please help.

  • Luis

    people always tell me “damn dude, you got mad style, but your footwear just ain’t up to par.” i need fresh kicks to complete me.

  • http://Website kelsey

    My boyfriend deserves a pair of JC’s because he goes above and beyond for me! (especially when it comes to buying me J. Camms.) He is just as obsessed with Jeffrey Campbells as I am and he would be so excited to own his own pair. He is the most selfless person I know and I would love to please him with a wonderful new pair of J. Camms for X mas :) :) MY BOYFRIEND ROCKS!!!!! wahooo!