On the 11th day of Christmas SOLESTRUCK sent a treat….

The new JC POLLY for my FEET!

We have just received a giant shipment of JC shoes—and one of our favorites is the POLLY. A combination of classic oxford detailing—then pumped up with a peep toe and oversized wedge! We love you Jeffrey Campbell! Available in four colors and a full run of sizes—this shoe is a great wardrobe staple—and ONE LUCKY SOLESTRUCK FAN can get this shoe for FREE!

We want to award this shoe to a SOLESTRUCK fan with a proven track record. To win this shoe simply send us a photograpgh of you in your ALL TIME favorite SOLESTRUCK PURCHASE! Toss in a brief tagline about your love of shoes—and one winner will be the owner of a NEW JEFFREY CAMPELL POLLY! It’s as easy as that, so….let’s see that America’s Next Top Model Look….and send us your photo’s to we cannot wait to hear from you. One winner will be chosen—and in the new year we will be launching a new app on the site—-where you can upload photos of you and your purchases….so this is a test run for you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  • Aviva

    I need these shoes! I simply must have them! I wake up in the morning and the POLLY is the 1st delightful thought that enters my mind and the last fleeting notion that leaves my brain before I drift off to Jeffrey Cambell dream land. What will my life be without the hope that the POLLY will sometime be mine? It will be completely devoid of any life, meaning, or purpose. I MUST HAVE THESE SHOES or who am I?!!!!! I must have these shoes to continue to exist!!!!!

  • http://Website Hellen Araujo

    I really lovethis shoes, I am keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks

  • http://Website Hellen Araujo

    I really love this shoes, I am keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks

  • Shoegasm

    Polly (pollyana) please be mine….You’re in my shoe video!!!
    No, pictures aren’t good enough for my shoes, especially JC.

  • Tamara

    I don’t own any of ur shoes ..yet, coz I don’t own internet pay card and it’s complicated in my country, but I’m working on it, I’m amazed by your shoes anyway and each day I’m giving u full attention, I simply need to have my first, and I think I’ve proved it before, still take a look at the pics, all 3, I fantasize Jeffrey and no, he don’t own bgger fan! look…:))

  • francisca

    I want those pollies so much I’m ready to take a picture with the email confirmation of my first (not here yet) solestruck shoes…