On the 12th Day of Christmas Santa said to me…..

would you like a pair of LITA, or maybe three?

To finish our holiday contest in style, we decided we would get a little crazy! Due to the amazing response from all of our regular fans, and so many new ones around the world—we decided to end out 12 Days of Jeffrey Contest by choosing three winners who each will win their own pair of LITA. Any color. Any size. Just for you, from SOLESTRUCK, to make your holiday bright. We realize that almost all the sizes/colors are sold out—but don’t worry, we have been REALLY GOOD this year–and our Santa (UPS) is bringing us hundreds of pairs in 14 days, so, if you win—it might take  a bit…but we will get you your LITA.

The contest rules are simple, and I will keep this short and sweet:

To enter this contest you must complete the following steps. Winner(s) chosen Tuesday and announced on our blog. For this final promotion—you must have a FB account.

Here is an example of what I might post! Dear @Solestruck, All I want for Christmas is to have my family visit me in NYC, but I will settle for a trip to Palm Springs with my best friends. And what i really want is to slowdown in 2011 and enjoy the small things!

Contest Starts Now.

Ends Tuesday.

Three Winners.

Three Litas.

Three LUCKY fans.

Happy Holidays and thank you for a great year.

  • Khristina

    Heck Yeah! I just peed a little!

    • ty

      Happens to the best of us, nothint a little Lita won’t fix.

  • Stephanie Vermaas

    Finally~ I had a feeling this was going to happen!

    • ty

      Stephanie….i am excited, but scared about the entries…I mean….some of them are going to be like CRAZER style. HA! Happy holidays. THanks for your support and here comes 2011!

  • http://Website Barbara

    All I Want For Christmas Is To Be Able To Continue To Give Back To Those Less Fortunate. I’m Blessed To Be Able To Overcome Obstacles and Smile, But Not Many Can Do The Same.

  • http://Website Sira

    The tagging thing doesn’t work for me! I can tag friends but not pages!

  • http://none Ingibjörg

    I don’t have a facbook but i hope i can post my comment here.

    Dear @Solestruck, All I want for Christmas is to have a pair of LITA platforms for my start at a new school(you always want to make a good first impression;)) and they would also be great for my easter-trip to London and just for the real extreme weather in Iceland.

    I hope that you all have a merry christmas and keep up the good work here at solestruck.

  • bravegrrl

    hey guys, just entered, but for some reason i can’t see it on your fb page…. should i just post it to your page… i did the @solestruck link thing and the link is working from my wall, but i click over to yours and can’t see it…. hmmmmmmmmmmm….

  • http://Website leigh

    sad. ive refused to get a FB, and this is the only reason for which ive ever wished i had one. sigh.

  • Tamara

  • Victoria Hebner

    yahoooo. oh man this is all i want for christmas

  • kailee hubertus

    i was wondering if the Lita’s were going to be the big finale, now i’m crossing my fingers so hard they might break.

  • Stephanie Vermaas

    I just posted up a comment but it didn’t show up. Do they get moderated first? If so you can delete this one :)

  • http://Website Linda Pondaag

    @Stephanie Vermaas and @Solestruck, the same thing happened to me. My comment did not get posted when I hit the Submit button.

  • Linda

    This made me a happy gal! :D Just posted. Good luck to all of the people entering, and happy holidays!!


  • Natalia Perzyna

    Dear Solestruck, All i want for Christmas is to be your SLAVE the end.

  • Debi Koller

    Just posted, make me happy Solestruck!!

    Fashionblogger from Switzerland


  • http://Website Hellen Araujo

    Dear @Solestruck all that I want for christmas is an extra shot of patience, and maybe a twin as well to do my house work… and please don’t forget a chip that I can install in my husband’s brain so I can have a “stepford husband” (like that movie with Nicole Kidman) It would be excellent to eject money out of his mo…uth anytime I wanted a new pair of JC Shoes. Please make all females look the same so there is no pressure on my end, and I can actually start eating foods that I enjoy. Also make my neighbor move away with her loud dog. Jk!Now let’s get serious! What I really want for christmas is to be able to see my parents that I haven’t seen in about 8 years, I want to wish everyone health, and I want cancer to go away so no one has to suffer. I want to be more confident and find out what path i want to follow (career wise). I want to walk tall, and… smile everyday so I can make someone else smile as well. I want infinite $ to shop at solestruck and I really want this pair of Lita!!!!

  • http://none Ingibjörg

    When you know you look gorgeous, as you would in lita, you can focus on things like your study or work and still get al lot of attention:) that is why i want a pair;D

    ps. if i get a pair of lita platforms i’ll promise to share them with my sisters and to adwertise them all the time;)

  • andrew angsouvan

    i wannna be in the contest and i wannna win it too! i love jeffrey campbell styles fashion!!