On the 4th day of Christmas Solestruck gave to me….

the perfect item just beneath the TREE! (and this one is all about you!)

Finding the perfect gift can be hard, shopping can be stressful and finding that PERFECT gift for everyone on your list can get on your holiday nerve—even if you have an eggnog latte to help! Today’s contest is dedicated to the PEREFECT GIFT—and it’s all about you! Choose one pair of Jeffrey Campbell WOODIES from the list below to make your life complete! Entering this one is easy…….in honor of SOLESTRUCK giving you the PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT we wanna hear about the worst thing you have ever received under the tree or in your stocking! Even if you were polite, even if you smiled as you said you loved it–now is your time to come clean!

Like this poor guy who got this turtleneck/vest combo—look how hard he is trying to love it!

Here is how you enter! Go to our FACEBOOK page and leave the WORST gift you ever received as a comment on our page! Don’t have FACEBOOK? No worries, post your response here in the comments! Bonus points if you add us on Facebook and crazy extra cred it you have an image of your gift–you can add that image to the FB post if you are super crazy like me!

Just to give you an example here is MY PERSONAL ENTRY—finally I can break my silence.

Dear Grandma Marge: Not only is fragrance a very odd and personal gift to give someone—you chose to gift me UNSCRIPTED by Patrick Dempsey for X-mas 2008. Patrick Dempsey has a cologne? Grandma—in addition to this nightmare scented man-spray, you also spelled my name incorrectly on the card—just like you have for the past 32 years—-it’s only two letters you think you could get it by now. Damn I smell good!


Post your story on our FB page and the entry that we love MOST will win one pair of Jeffrey Campbell woodies. You can choose one pair in your size from the following styles: LEIF, DAISY-D, TUBE-2 or ERIKSON. One winner, one pair, any color—we love the JC woodies collection and feel it is the PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOU! May your Holiday be bright!

  • Cristina

    A few years ago my mum and I went shopping. I saw a nice pair of black boots, they were perfect for winter and I said to my mum something like “well, you know, they would be the perfect gift for this Christmas since I don’t have a nice pair of boots” and she said “yeah, and they also look cute on you!”. Let me just say that, that Christmas, I did not receive the black boots that I tried on, instead she picked a pair of “moppine” (as we call them in Italy) which are like these ( ). I was so unhappy and it was one of the worst gifts ever (along with the dvd of High School Musical given by my brother, which I DON’T like at all) :-(

  • Mel

    Last year, I got a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste as a Christmas present. Nuff’ said lol

  • Christine

    Speaking of grandparents: I got a much-belated Christmas card in the mail from Gramps last year. I got it in March. There was a stick of gum in it. Wha?

  • http://Website Elle J

    A couple of Christmases ago, my cousin’s husband was talking about how his wife (my cousin) received a couple of sweaters from Nanna that were 3 sizes too big. He talks about how she ranted endlessly about it and dwelled on the thought that “Nanna thinks I’m that BIG?”

    Well, needless to say, last year’s Christmas was awesome and I received wonderful presents. Except for one. A Christmas sweater. Three sizes too big. From my cousin.

    Ahhh the joy of re-gifting!! Man, I can’t believe she thinks I’m that….

  • http://Website Mathilda

    One year I got a bottle of perfume from my sister. The only problem is that I am super allergic of perfumes… To my sisters defence i had only told her about 400 times…

  • Victoria Hebner

    When my older brother got his license when he was 16 he got a car that christmas becuase it was kind of a tradition. So the year had come that i was 16 had my license and was SO excited i thought i was gonna get a car for christmas. They asked me what kind of car i was thinking of and we looked at a couple different ones so i totallyyy thought i was getting a car. christmas rolled around anndddd no car :[ so i had one more present left and i was thinking ok maybe its a set of keys... opened it up.. and what is it... a baseball cap with a toyota symbol on it... i was confused, looked at my dad who replied "if you get a car you can wear it while driving it! :] ” COMPLETELY SERIOUS! i cried all day long. So please please please solestruck i would DIE for a pair of JC’s this christmas.

  • Roxy

    my uncle likes to give “stocking stuffers” Mine was a single teacup from the dollar store. I left it at his house… on purpose.

  • http://Website Tess

    When I was 13 my dad got me a waffle maker. I do not cook nor do I even like waffles. I secretly think he bought it for himself. Thanks dad.

  • Jillianne

    The worst present I ever got was when I was 15. A distant relative gave me a pair of pajamas. If you get me pjs, that’s fine.. but they were an XL that ran big ( I’m a medium. Thanks for thinking I’m that fat), and they had carton dogs and cats on it. Basically, it was something an old cat woman would wear.. I was mortified I don’t even know if I said thank you when I opened it in front of them.

  • http://Website Julie Y.

    The worst present I ever got was for my 2 year anniversary with my ex-bf. He got me a Wii and the thing was he wanted it for himself. So unromantic.

  • http://Website Deborah Auchinachie

    Every year i get a present from one of my grandmothers friends that i have never met. They are always horrendous. Examples are hideous rabbit and horse figurines, terrible books, clothes and shoes that are like 4 sizes too small, and useless other trinkets. Even though i’ve never met them my parents are always really intense about the ungrateful thing so i alwayssssss have to act really happy whenever i get these gifts. I dread it every christmas.

  • Alana

    I believe the worst Christmas present I recieved so far would have been when I was 17 and really wanted a pair of UGGS (because every girl in school had them). Every year my mom would ask my siblings and I the one thing we really wanted for Christmas, and sure enough it would be what we got. So of course I asked my mom for a pair of UGGS, and thats it! So being excited, knowing that yes i’ll definitely have those UGGS so I can say I have a pair, I riped open my present on christmas day, that was made out from ‘Santa’ (parents still like to pretend Santa leaves us gifts) and to my excitement there was a UGG box. Little did I know, that inside this UGG box was a pair of look-a-like UGGS from walmart!!! I was completely crushed because that was the only thing I wanted, nothing else. My mom thought the UGGS were too expensive and said these were the SAME so I smiled and nodded but inside I felt crushed. I learned later on that the UGG box was reused from my cousin who got UGGS for Christmas, but as an early present, so my mom got the box from my aunt and reused it :| Thanks Mom!