On the 4th day of Christmas Solestruck gave to me….

the perfect item just beneath the TREE! (and this one is all about you!)

Finding the perfect gift can be hard, shopping can be stressful and finding that PERFECT gift for everyone on your list can get on your holiday nerve—even if you have an eggnog latte to help! Today’s contest is dedicated to the PEREFECT GIFT—and it’s all about you! Choose one pair of Jeffrey Campbell WOODIES from the list below to make your life complete! Entering this one is easy…….in honor of SOLESTRUCK giving you the PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT we wanna hear about the worst thing you have ever received under the tree or in your stocking! Even if you were polite, even if you smiled as you said you loved it–now is your time to come clean!

Like this poor guy who got this turtleneck/vest combo—look how hard he is trying to love it!

Here is how you enter! Go to our FACEBOOK page and leave the WORST gift you ever received as a comment on our page! Don’t have FACEBOOK? No worries, post your response here in the comments! Bonus points if you add us on Facebook and crazy extra cred it you have an image of your gift–you can add that image to the FB post if you are super crazy like me!

Just to give you an example here is MY PERSONAL ENTRY—finally I can break my silence.

Dear Grandma Marge: Not only is fragrance a very odd and personal gift to give someone—you chose to gift me UNSCRIPTED by Patrick Dempsey for X-mas 2008. Patrick Dempsey has a cologne? Grandma—in addition to this nightmare scented man-spray, you also spelled my name incorrectly on the card—just like you have for the past 32 years—-it’s only two letters you think you could get it by now. Damn I smell good!


Post your story on our FB page and the entry that we love MOST will win one pair of Jeffrey Campbell woodies. You can choose one pair in your size from the following styles: LEIF, DAISY-D, TUBE-2 or ERIKSON. One winner, one pair, any color—we love the JC woodies collection and feel it is the PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOU! May your Holiday be bright!



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