On the 5th day of Christmas—Jeffrey Gave to me….

Shoes that sent me dancing ’round the tree!

We have holiday parties in mind with this giveaway—and of course, NYE is just around the corner—and we all know what happens at MIDNIGHT! So, you will be looking like a MILLION BUCKS in the JEFFREY CAMBELL CASHY when the clock hits midnight and the champagne glasses clank. One lucky winner will win a pair of this new arrival—we have full sizes in ALL THREE COLORS of the JC CASHY! This shoe was featured in the new SPRING lookbook and it’s great all year long. Paired with tights this architectural wedge is a great shoe for all your holidays and NYE looks.

Here is how to enter. We want know your NYE resolution….simply post it as a reply to this blog or as a comment on our facebook! The SOLESTRUCK FAN with the best resolution wins a pair of the CASHY. This shoe will have you dancing all year round! Get on it ladies….get to postin’.

  • emily

    nye resolution – to stop wearing flats!

  • DsEyeZ

    These shoes! Three parts of fabulosity, and oh an architectural structures supported heel for my lovely 5 toes and feet, I’m in love, send me one NOW *faints*

    …I’m ok ( no please send one NOW to avoid another proceeding)

    D’s EyeZ :)

  • Dominique

    OMG! my NYR is not do anything the same as I have done the precious yr. Progress …. Learn from mistakes and do better. Even if it fails , your only crazy doing the same ol thing! WEEEEEE!!!

  • Cristina

    My NYE resolution? To stop breaking my piggy bank and really start saving money LOL.
    Oh, and also finding a first job beacuse I really can’t depend on my parents for forever :-(
    Anyway those are such amazing shoes! It would be a perfect gift to star the new year in the best way :-)

  • http://Website Amy

    Acquire more shoes from! ;D

  • Julia M

    My resolution is to spend more time outdoors, regardless how how terrible Scottish weather may be!

  • http://Website alana

    my new years resolution – to eat healthier and work harder to live a healthier life. feeling good about yourself should start with living healthy…then with nicer shoes ;)

  • http://Website Charlotte

    My NYE resolution: I’m going to be a vegetarian. I’ve been thinking about it for such a long time and these days I can’t eat meat anymore without feeling horrible about it. Starting the new year, I’m definitely quitting eating meat!

  • http://Website Sara R.

    My NYE resolution would be to help the less fortunate, give more when i get something, when’s the last time you’ve seen someone walk an elderly person across the street? as far as for my personal goals and aspirations, setting no boundaries or excuses to what I dream to do, CARPE DIEM is what my 2011 motto is going to be!

  • Ana

    We all make a big deal out of New Year’s resolution, and then we never keep that promise we made to ourselves. This year, I just decided that I have to be greatful for what I have although that’s hard sometimes, I also decided that I’m going to study harder and stay optimistic. I would really love to have these gorgeous shoes on New Year’s Eve, and maybe find a nice guy.. Who knows:) xoxo

  • Lauren

    As nerdy as this may seem, my new years resolution is to complete the Pokedex for Pokemon: Blue Version, including Mew. That, or find my DS charger cable so I can play DS games again.

    What can I say? I gotta catch ‘em all!

  • Jen H

    My NYE resolution is to care less about what others think and start thinking for myself. Oh, and to own a pair of jeffrey campbells. :)

  • http://Website Victoria

    My NYE resolution is just to be me, that I know I can do anything else will just be a bonus :)

  • Vita

    My New Year resolutions:
    - Eat more healthy food
    - More exercise than watching TV series
    - More wise on buying shoes. Better save up for good looking and good quality ones (like Jeffrey Campbell’s) than getting the less expensive and good looking ones BUT the quality is bad. ;)

  • http://Website Mathilda

    My NYE resolution is to be a little more environmentally friendly.

    And to get a pair o JC’s ofc^^

  • http://Website Barbara

    My New Year Resolution Is To Continue To Be Able To Give Back To Those Less Fortunate. I’ve always appreciated the gift of giving, but I feel it is of utmost respect to give and expect nothing in return. Yes it has been tempting to think about where your money would have gone if it was not in the collection plate at church, or if you did not give it to that person on the street, but I never regret my actions as I know my wants are not half as important as what someone else needs. Food, Water, and Shelter. Every year I give clothes away to food drives and can goods around the Holidays.
    If you think about it, it’s an easier way to clean out your wardrobe. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.I’m above all Thankful For a New Year, But I won’t change who I am annually like others do. When you witness change, you enforce it. My Parents taught me how far giving goes….A Long Way :) !

  • http://Website Angel

    1.To finish covering my walls with collages. There is about one square foot of space left — and the ceiling.

  • Lauren Labostrie

    My NYE resolution is to only date men that, like myself, wear unforgettable shoes and know how to dance in them.

  • Dancer21

    My New Years Resolution is to donate all of the pairs of shoes sitting in my closet that I no longer wear.

  • Tamara

    My NYE resolution is to crochet blankets for the people in my life that have always been there and never got any recognition for how awesome they are.

  • Monique Ceccato

    My New Years resolution is to start doing things for myself and not anyone else. I have a horrible habit of being too nice and dropping anything and everything to help people (well a certain someone in particular). I keep getting burnt because I never get the same treatment back because apparently “it is too much effort” to be nice… So the new year will bring about a new me who does more things for themselves and enjoys being me.

  • Festina

    My NYE resolution is to start being truthful to myself and others. White lies are just as bad as any other lie and are a copout. Ive come to realize this and will do my best in 2011 to just be simple and truthful! p.s. these shoes are to die for & thats not a lie!

  • Ola

    My NYE resolution it to stop making resolutions and start living life freely with no regrets

  • Ashlee

    My new year’s resolution is to run a marathon in 2011. Since I started running about 3.5 years ago, I’ve run 4 half-marathons. I became a fitter, healthier, happier person and I’m ready for a new challenge! Running 26.2 miles will take discipline and hard work, but it will be worth it when I cross the finish line! (Knock on wood!)

  • http://Website Olivia Seidel

    My New Years Resolution is to learn the song “SHOE fly, don’t bother me,” on guitar.

    I love that song with all my heart, and “sole.”

  • Deanna

    My new year’s resolution is to dance more!

  • http://Website jennifer

    My New Years Resoloution is to shed myself from all of the inhibitions that have been dragging me down for the past years. Instead, I will wear what I like, say what I like, and eat what I like – whenever I like!

  • alyssa zamudio

    My NYE resolution is to finish translating my resume so that I can apply for my dream job.

  • http://Website Lindsay

    My new years resolution is to spend more time volunteering.

  • Nicole

    My New Years Resolution!

    -to save up from some wicked pairs of shoes from Solestruck
    -start picking up photography for a fashion blog

  • http://Website Lewanna

    My new years resolution is to look after myself more. I need to be more appreciative of myself in my own skin, eat better, exercise more to make myself a healthier person which in the end will make me a happier person! Cashy will definitely aid in my hopefully new confidence and healthier self!

  • ksenia

    my NYE is to grow some balls

  • Julie Y.

    my new years resolution is to work on my jazz fingers so I can be a SUPERSTAR

  • sara schriefer

    In this moment; in 2011; and for every year beyond, my resolution stands to live present in each an every moment with grace. Grace is that wonderful spirit that saturates every fiber of our being when we practice the fruits of the soul: patience, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, and love…

    AND I also resolve to get RADICAL- it’s undeniably fun to live with grace in ridiculously fabulous JC heels. xxo

  • http://Website dana r.

    resolution to get more involved with a non profit organization called SMART. help others help themselves. and these shoes are frickin amazing!! would love em. cheers!!

  • Christine Lee

    start dressing Avant-garde.

    first, attain anything and everything Issey Miyake.
    second, buy all of Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes and Louboutins
    third, figure out how to afford of all of this

  • Lisa Ann

    My New Years Resolution for 2011 is to learn HTML formatting… And rock my blog!!

  • Sarra


  • http://Website Emy

    my new years resolution- to make him wish he never cheated on me. and I plan on having a lot of fun with it.

  • http://Website Lynette

    My NYE resolution would be to collect all the Jeffrey Campell shoes on Soletruck in size 6.5 to complete my collection so please please please restock them :D

  • Kasey

    I know this is going to sound like a cop out, but I don’t do NYE Resolutions I try and stay resolute throughout the year, makes for consistancy. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I was one of the people that wasted money each year on a gym membership that I never used, instead try and take a walk everyday much easier to live up to!