On the 8th day of Christmas Santa gave to me!!

A pair of DENMARK wooden clog booooo-tiieeeees!

This Jeffrey Campbell original was inspired by the footwear attire of SANTA himself. This wooden high-heeled and fleece lined clog will make you the envy of all the elves…wherever your workroom is! How do you get a pair for free…well that depends….have you been……

Here is the deal, Santa knows everything…and let’s face it, we all have slip ups…but this is your chance for confession–and even the naughtiest or nicest deed can get you a pair of the denmark booties. Post to our FACEBOOK PAGE (if you don’t have FB comment here on this post we count those too) with your “Santa Confession.” They should look like one of these below—-(these are from my personal vault!!) Ror extra points include it as your own status update for today using @solestruck in your status…this will show on our page…and yours!

Dear @SOLESTRUCK being naughty isn’t something I do often—but is it really that bad when the hotel in Vegas quoted me $300.00 a night but my invoice totaled me up at $30.00 a night? I can still remember those Egyptian cotton sheets..mwahahahaha! DISCOUNT!


Dear @SOLESTRUCK…giving me these JC shoes would be just like last week when I returned that guys I-phone i found in a gypsy cab! He cried when I gave it to him…i felt like a champ! I didn’t bother telling the guy that before i returned his phone I emailed all of his “secret pics” to my email—OH SNAP!

So, here is the deal….if you have been NAUGHTY, get it off your chest, let the world know, confess your sins…SANTA FORGIVES! Or, if you have done a good deed, brag a little—this is America–you aren’t going to get ahead by being silent girl! We will pick the entry that catches our attention—-and one of you will be handing out Christmas cookies in a cute new pair of JC Clog Booties!



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