ON THE 9th Day of Christmas Solestruck sent my way….

A pair of Jeffrey flats that made my day!

Meet the DUNSMORE—a brand new arrival from JC and a trend we are super stoked about…..THE SLIPPER LOOK! Toss your ballet flats aside for this new heritage/preppy inspired look that says sophistication, class, charm and basically “Hey, I am most likely smarter thatn you!” We have had a few other brands putting out styles like this—but NOBODY does it like Jeffrey-C. The Dunsmore is woven leather panels in amazing colors, a tiny heel to give you just a lift.  We like a shoe that takes practicality–up a notch! One  lucky winner will go home with a pair of the DUNSMORE—and entering is so easy!

CHRISTMAS MEMORIES are the best—and the best Christmas memory shared will win you a pair of the DUNSMORE. THere are two ways to enter—either post a memory as a comment on our blog—or as a comment on our FACEBOOK page. They can be nostalgic, happy, sad, funny, magical, scary—-it’s your call—the entry that catches our attention most will be gifted shoes for the holiday. Thanks to all of our SOLESTRUCK FANS who have entered the contests everyday—we have had literally over 1,000 contest entries—we clearly have the best shoppers and clients. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Below is my entry….

Dear Solestruck my best holiday memory is a strange one. I was spengin my first Christmas away from my family and friends–I was 17 and in Belgium as a study abroad student. I was on a chairilft high above the French Alps…the sun was shining and the white mounds mixed with the trees. As my chairlift continued to escalate up the side of the mountain the loud speakers started to blast Jeff Buckley’s rendition of Halleluja. I was instantly reminded of how much I missed my family at home–but not in a sad way—of how lucky I was to have them—and to have this experience away from them. Even on holidays spent apart–i love my crazy family.



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