ON THE 9th Day of Christmas Solestruck sent my way….

A pair of Jeffrey flats that made my day!

Meet the DUNSMORE—a brand new arrival from JC and a trend we are super stoked about…..THE SLIPPER LOOK! Toss your ballet flats aside for this new heritage/preppy inspired look that says sophistication, class, charm and basically “Hey, I am most likely smarter thatn you!” We have had a few other brands putting out styles like this—but NOBODY does it like Jeffrey-C. The Dunsmore is woven leather panels in amazing colors, a tiny heel to give you just a lift.  We like a shoe that takes practicality–up a notch! One  lucky winner will go home with a pair of the DUNSMORE—and entering is so easy!

CHRISTMAS MEMORIES are the best—and the best Christmas memory shared will win you a pair of the DUNSMORE. THere are two ways to enter—either post a memory as a comment on our blog—or as a comment on our FACEBOOK page. They can be nostalgic, happy, sad, funny, magical, scary—-it’s your call—the entry that catches our attention most will be gifted shoes for the holiday. Thanks to all of our SOLESTRUCK FANS who have entered the contests everyday—we have had literally over 1,000 contest entries—we clearly have the best shoppers and clients. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Below is my entry….

Dear Solestruck my best holiday memory is a strange one. I was spengin my first Christmas away from my family and friends–I was 17 and in Belgium as a study abroad student. I was on a chairilft high above the French Alps…the sun was shining and the white mounds mixed with the trees. As my chairlift continued to escalate up the side of the mountain the loud speakers started to blast Jeff Buckley’s rendition of Halleluja. I was instantly reminded of how much I missed my family at home–but not in a sad way—of how lucky I was to have them—and to have this experience away from them. Even on holidays spent apart–i love my crazy family.

  • francesca

    Dear Solestruck,

    One of my best and most favorite Christmas memories was December 1999. I had recently moved from Peru tu New Jersey and everything was walready new and different for me. As you may know, Christmas in Peru is summer time!!! So it was incredibly weird and different yet amazing and beautiful to actually have my first winter Christmas. Best part: Its snowed!!! I had my first white christmas and got to make a little snowman instead of matching my “abanico” with a pretty summer dress.

  • Sara R,

    Dear Solestruck,

    My fondest memory during Christmas was when my parents would have my sister and I write letters to Santa. My sister and I would make a long list of all the toys we wanted, give the letters Addressed to “the North Pole Mr & Mrs Santa Clause” to our parents so they could send it off. When Christmas morning came each and every toy on the list was underneath our tree! You can’t even imagine how much my sister and I loved Santa for getting each toy on point, I mean everything! Then there was one Christmas when I was very adamant about waiting for Santa so we could both eat the cookies and milk I left out. I didn’t realize why they were so frustrated at me staying up, all I wanted to do was kick it with Ol’ Saint Nick. They eventually got me to go back to my bed. The next morning all the cookies and milk were gone and I was like “I missed Santa!” Fast forward to when I was in fifth grade, I still believed in the tooth fairy till I found out my mom was the one putting the money under our pillows, she then broke the news that Santa was not real either. My mom told me not to tell my sister, but it was too late. The secret was out. Despite that, what I cherish from these childhood memories are the fact that my parents would fulfill each of our wishes, give us hope, and humor our imagination and what we believed in. I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything =)

  • Lily

    Dear Solestruck,

    When I was around 7 or 8 years old, my parents decided to do a Christmas prank on me.

    On Christmas Eve I had left Santa his milk and cookies under the tree and went to bed all excited to have him deliver my presents. When I woke up in the morning, I ran to our tree to find my presents, and to my horror THERE WERE NO PRESENTS. Absolutely nothing, and to make things worse SANTA ATE THE COOKIES AND MILK, meaning he had been to my house and not left any presents! I bawled and cried so much I woke up my parents. They came and comforted me, they told me to not give up and check around the house.

    I had basically given up looking around the house, I was tired and disappointed and I kept thinking to myself “Why would Santa do this to me?”, and right then I stepped on the back porch of our house and saw the gigantic mound of presents Santa had left me! I got more presents that year than the previous years! I was ecstatic and forgot all about the ordeal.

    I will never forget that Christmas.

  • Jenn Funk

    Dear solestruck,

    A xmas memory that stands out. I was 9yrs old & snooping around the house looking for gifts from “santa”. Parents closet…jackpot. And there is was, a microscope. How did they know? I never said anything. I was so excited! Forward fast to xmas morning, I ran into the hallway looking at gifts from Santa, never wrapped, but neatly stacked. There in my stack…A green laundry basket? Are you kidding me? Where was my microscope. You can imagine the disappointment, when I looked over at my sister’s stack, & there it was. But hey. 29yrs later, I am still using the basket! And lesson learned…NO snooping!

  • http://Website Sofia Figueiredo

    Dear solestruck,

    This following christmas story will forever be engraved in my mind. It was christmas day and my mother had set up a family photo shoot for the following day, so she told me not to get into any shenanigans. Naturally, i spent the day with my cousins from maryland. After running around for what seemed like hours, i mentioned to my dear cousin how magical it was that i had not done anything horrible yet. Then it happened; as we were talking he was playing with my other cousin, whipping him with a white tshirt with the tip wet. Then, being who i am, i ran into my cousin and BAM!-he whipped me in the eye. I then got the pleasure of taking my christmas pictures with a huge swollen black/blue eye that could not stop crying. My mother found great pleasure in sending EVERYONE that she has ever said hi to the dreaded christmas card. Cutest christmas ever.

  • http://Website Elle

    I had a wonderful Christmas several years ago when I was fortunate enough to spend a month in New Zealand. My family had rented out an apartment in Queenstown that overlooked the town. The night was dark and clear, and we could hear a local band playing from our patio, and see the glistening lights of the town.

    It was my first Christmas that I ever spent away from home. As the fireworks were going off over the bay, I looked at each one of my family members and felt so full of joy and thankfulness. Going on the trip was my present that Christmas, and I never realized how much I depended upon presents to make Christmas feel like Christmas. That Christmas I realized that “being home for Christmas” was being wherever my family was.

    My present that year was having each one of them in my life, and realizing how blessed I was- and still am.

  • libys11

    dear solestruck, one of the most unforgettable christmas i’ve had was when i first experience a white christmas! i’ve lived in the tropics for about 18 yrs of my life and then migrated to snowy canada a couple of years ago. i know for some it might be a normal thing, but for me, seeing snowflakes, having smoke coming out of my mouth and seeing pine trees covered in a white blanket of snow was so magical. :)

  • http://Website Sara R.

    Hey solestruck. I posted my submission earlier but its still not posted i think it still says awaiting moderation or something like that, hope you guys still can read it…

    • ty

      checking now! odd?!!! Im on it Sara!

  • ramez

    dear you,
    My fondest Christmas memory was way back when my younger brother, George, was about 6 years old, maybe younger. He woke up particularly earlier and decided to wake up everyone in the house to open up gifts. Soon enough we all woke up in a haze a worked our way to the tree in our pajamas. As my little brother hastily approached his first gift he had his hands forcibly covering his crotch. My dad approached him and asked him what it was he was doing. He shyly replied, “I’m trying to push the metal back in.” We all laughed. I guess the Christmas spirit made him a little excited! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  • Sharon Frajlich

    dear solestruck,

    My favorite christmas memory was when I was 8 years old I went to visit North Carolina with my family. My sister is four years older than me and I looked up to her, so back then I was really gullible when it came to anything she said because she seemed to know it all and I wanted to be just like her.
    The second day in NC we went outside of the cabin-style hotel and played in the snow. I made a mini snow man and my sis made a bigger and better one. She then found a patch of yellow snow, put it in a ball in her red-gloved hands and told me it was just like a lemonade snow cone.
    Needless to say it might be a hilarious memory to look back on, but not my fondest moment…

  • http://Website Sophia ceballos

    Dear Solestruck,
    I recall a time of my first christmas in Barcelona, Spain. My family and I still celebrated under American tradition, but there was such a different taste to the holiday. There wasn’t the smell of gingerbread, eggnog, or cinnamon. There wasnt a fire burning in a fireplace. But I loved it. I loved the adventure to it, the feeling of keeping up your own tradition in a place where you’ve never experienced it. I wouldn’t have traded that Christmas for any other. In fact, I’d move back and do it all over again.