ON THE ROAD: Solestruck vs. Eugene

Yesterday we wrapped up the last photo shoot of our ON THE ROAD lookbook project and while it rained THE ENTIRE TIME (Damn it, Oregon!), we still worked it out and got into the granola vibe of our favorite Oregon college town, Woodstock style. Also, Whitney goes back home today.. kind of sad to leave our mobile casa behind, but so glad to be home. PS, for a good laugh you should see Ty from our creative team hauling model’s through the mud on his back!

We’re so ready to lay in our sunroom and listen to some records, but this’ll do for now:

[mp3-jplayer tracks="04-hippie-hippie-hoorah.mp3,03-Grass.mp3,01-Beat-The-Devils-Tattoo.mp3,It-Girl.mp3,Mary-Mary-Its-to-You-That-I-Belong.mp3,01-Catamaran.mp3,Jardin-du-Luxembourg-single-version.mp3,14-Wear-Your-Love-Like-Heaven.mp3,03-Red-Tide-album-version.mp3,Venus-In-Furs.mp3,01-Lookout.mp3,16-Shes-My-Witch.mp3,02-Shell-Come-Back.mp3,Tobacco-Road-1965.mp3,04-Deamon-Lover.mp3"]

Like this playlist? Download it here.

Checking out the local home depot for supplies

Proof Eyewear

New TBA hitting soon!

Vintage goodies

Camilla Orosco on hair!

Getting into the boho Eugene spirit..