ON THE ROAD: Solestruck vs. Las Vegas

We’re embarking on a 6 day road trip from Las Vegas back to PDX and along the way we’re shooting 60 looks with 60 shoes that will be hitting Solestruck HARD. 6 days, 5 cities, 60 looks. We’ll make it through this alive! So to get you amped up for our ON THE ROAD Look Book adventure, we’re blasting you with constant behind the scenes looks, sneak peaks, and major vibe posts!

Get pumped with our Las Vegas playlist:

[mp3-jplayer tracks="11-Isabella-of-Castile.mp3,Midnight-City.mp3,I-Wanna-Be-Adored.mp3,06-Nouveau-Americain.mp3,I-AM-THE-BEST.mp3,06-Rich-Bitch.mp3,06-Then-He-Kissed-Me.mp3,01-Souls-of-Gold.mp3,01-The-Reeling.mp3,03-Life-Magazine.mp3,04-Feel-It-All-Around.mp3,06-Slivers-of-you.mp3,02-Know-Me.mp3,05-Crazy.mp3,06-Swing-Tree.mp3"]

Like this playlist? Download it here.

Picking up the RV

We wrapped up our Las Vegas edition of ON THE ROAD yesterday, check out some behind the scenes looks from the shoot!

Some Polyvore Vegas inspiration: