ON THE ROAD: Solestruck vs. Los Angeles

We just wrapped up the LA portion of our ON THE ROAD lookbook, shot with photographer Jon Gordon McKenzie on location in Los Feliz. For this shoot, we wanted to take the old hollywood glam of LA, but tweak it with updated styling and shoes, you know, to make it Solestruck-ified. It’s a word. Urban dictionary that shit.

Roll down your windows, put on your sunglasses, and groove out to our Los Angeles playlist:

[mp3-jplayer tracks="09-Bratty-B.mp3,04-Jail-LA-LA.mp3,Crush-The-Flowers.mp3,01-Surfin-Away.mp3,02-Doo-Wah-Diddy.mp3,Gold-Sneakers.mp3,08-Always-On-My-Mind.mp3,Hoop-Of-Love.mp3,12-Stone-Fox.mp3,04-I-Am-A-Girlfriend.mp3,06-Good-Kisser.mp3,Smith-Westerns-Weekend.mp3,02-Alex.mp3,02-I-Really-Do.mp3,When-Im-With-You.mp3"]

Like this playlist? Download it here.

Behind the scenes awesomeness:

Los Feliz

Marshall Bang doing hair!

Carmen Bautista getting her makeup did

Hat by Tnemnroda

Anna Elinsky working it.

Next stop.. Sacramento.

Feelin’ super inspired by the thought of warm sunshine, I miss you so much, LA.