ON THE ROAD: Solestruck vs. Sacramento

We’re half way through our ON THE ROAD mobile lookbook project and stopped in Sacramento, California to hook up with photographer, Darren Pineda, to turn it out. Here’s the low down on our Sac town shoot: The Sacramento girl sits in her room listening to records and reading zines all day, then goes out to a show to find her punk babe for the night. She wakes up in the morning with her hair a perfect mess, throws her leather jacket on, and is the all around bad ass bitch that every girl wishes she could be.

Let that inner bad girl claw her way out and quit giving a $%&@!

[mp3-jplayer tracks="1-01-Beachy-Head.mp3,07-Bad-Boy.mp3,01-It-Aint-Gonna-Save-Me.mp3,04-Ghost-In-The-Trees.mp3,02-Extinguish-Me.mp3,Bad-Girl.mp3,01-Slip-It-In.mp3,01-Human-Fly.mp3,Little-Honda.mp3,10-Cold-Hands.mp3,01-Blow-Out-Your-Lights.mp3,01-Born-on-a-Saturday-Night.mp3,09-Church-Mouse.mp3,01-Troublemaker.mp3,03-The-Drag.mp3"]
Like this playlist? Download it here.

A few teaser shots from the Sacramento shoot:

Bloodmilk Jewelry

Zana Bayne Leather

L.A.M.B. shoes coming soon to Solestruck!

Exploring Sac town

Loading up, ready for Eugene!

Check out our style vision of the Sacramento girl (with shoes by Elly Clay- coming soon!!)