On the seventh day of Christmas santa said to me….

if you want the shoes you gotta sit up on my knee!

“Santa!! I’m a grown woman, I will break your knee!” But Santa and the Magic of Christmas will keep his knee safe—even if you have gained a few LBS over the Holiday season. (Sorry, but EGG-NOG, addicted!).

Today’s contest is a fun one and there are two ways to enter. Simply EMAIL us at a picture of the following:

1. Either a picture of YOU on Santa’s lap….(if you can find it and scan it!!)


2. The most amazing (read scary, funny, terrifying or beautiful) picture you can find on the internet of this scenario! (see my example below.)

I will repost my few favorite images here on the blog and ask you guys to vote—-the winner with the most votes get a free pair of JC for their troubles…..and what might you ask is the Jeffrey Campbell item of today. Well, we think it is only appropriate if you are sending us a picture of you giving Santa your holiday WISHLIST—then we give you the JEFFREY CAMPBELL WISHLIST!

Pick any color you want and win the seasonal staple that has been a FALL best seller for over three years. Distressed leathers in great colors, classic engineering details…..this is the ultimate FALL BOOT. You are going to love it. AND… winner will walk away with a free pair in her favorite color and size!

Below is the scariest photo I could find on the net. Not only are H and S kissing on Santa’s lap, what the heck is that creepy life sized Care Bear doing in the background! SANTA SAVE US! Send us either a picture  of you with Santa or your favorite from the web—-come on….the prize is so worth it!  send us your favorite Santa pic now!

  • Michi

    I send you the e-mail….I simply want that boots!lol

  • Cristina mantilla

    I sent An email and it’s the scariest picture ever it’s definitely a winner!

  • http://Website Maria

    Look for mine too! I think you’ll get a good laugh,cringe & scare! lol

  • Ashley

    I love this contest! I just sent in my entry, and can’t wait to see the others!

  • xtine

    I just e-mailed! I hope not too many ppl submitted the same pic!

  • xtine

    @ty this makes me feel like I should e-mail a back-up photo x_x.

    • ty

      Feel free! I cannot believe how many we have gotten! CRAZY! SO fun.