The LIBBY boot is a JEFFREY CAMPBELL TRADITION. Now in it’s fifth year in the line the suede wrap boot has been updated onto the TICK base that you all love. This boot is made of two very long suede straps—you step in, start wrapping and make your DIY look. This classic JC boot can be yours—and this giveaway is all about HOLIDAY TRADITIONS. To enter this contest you must have either facebook or twitter! Here are two easy ways this boot can be yours (did you see the amazing colors).

1. TWITTER. Send us a Twitter @SOLESTRUCKSHOES telling us your FAVORITE and most cherished Holiday Tradition you and yours celebrate. We have customers from all over the world—traditions vary from culture, to region, to religion and city–we want to hear what makes your Holiday yours! (Extra bonus points if you follow us on twitter.)

2. FACEBOOK. For your FACEBOOK Status simple add @SOLESTRUCK, an icon will show up and click it—this will be a direct link in your status update to our fan page! (You are a fan aren’t you? Click here if you are not!) In your @soletruck Status update simply tell us “Dear @Solestruck my favorite holiday tradition is my dady still dressing as Santa, and Im 28.

So fans—get to your FACEBOOK or TWITTER for this giveaway–having trouble getting your status to show up as a link? Simply leave a comment on our page, that can work too—Happy Holidays to all of cour clients—may all your holiday traditions be bright this year. As for me….I am looking forward to Clam Chowder and Presents on Christmas eve. A holiday tradition we have always honored—even though I am not sure why? Clam chowder in Oregon? I love the holidays!

  • http://Website Lisa Jennings

    Well Dear Solestruck – my favorite tradition is reading “The Night Before Christmas” to my daughter Tyler (a boys name for a grand girl!) Every year since she was born a hefty 9lbs and 10 ounces on December 24th, I would read her the story right before she went to bed. The book is tatered and the pages stick due to time, aged candy and spilled hot cocoa in 2004.—And now, even though she is 13, has long time stopped believing in Santa she seeks out that worn out book and is my babygirl awaiting the whispers of Xmas – from my lips. It is unfortunate that we’ve moved recently and she can’t find her childhood book. In fact she is stressing over it… A girl as tall as me. No longer a toddler or even a little girl – searching frantically in boxes for the Night Before Christmas – before Christmas. It is my favorite traditon – because it means so much to her. And in those moments -she will not be a moody teen – but my Tyler. My baby girl…

  • Shoegasm

    Let’s see, is not having any set traditions, tradition??

  • Lindsay Davis

    my brother and i go to school in the same towm, several hours away from our parents house. my favorite holiday tradition is the long drive that my brother and i take every christmas eve as we head to see the rest of our family. we get to catch up, gossip about family members we’re about to see and and help remind each other what we’re thankful for. our time together pre-the rest of the crazy family makes the holiday bearable. we always have a blast!

  • Shelly

    Dear Solestruck,

    My favorite tradition has to be the shot tradition. Every year on Christmas eve, my family gathers at my mother’s house. We eat lots of food, sing karaoke, and have lots of laughs. A couple minutes before midnight strikes, we line up the mantel on top of the fire place with shots of alcohol that my mother chooses. When midnight stikes, my mother makes a wonderful speech reflecting on the year, our family and how this year was “the best year she’s ever had.” When she’s done, we toast to her, and take the shot. (Of course, this is only for the adults we are able to drink. The kids are usually watching tv or sleeping already) After, we open gifts, and spend the rest of the night reminiscing about our childhood, how long ago it was, and how amazing it was. The reason why I love this tradition is because it always reminds my family and I how lucky we are to have each other, and how no matter how far we are from each other, we’ll always have our favorite tradition to bring us back together.

  • Nickie Frye

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the Christmas Eve service with my church family. The service is geared towards the kids & it’s complete chaos. All the little kids get to dress up as either angels, wise men, or shepherds, then they get to take turns going up on stage & singing Christmas songs. Last year my son was two years old & he didn’t know any of the songs, so he just climbed up there in his wise man costume & stood there grinning at the congregation. Everyone cracked up. I should point out that the wise men costumes consist of random fabric robes & Burger King crowns. The whole thing is just so sweet & cute & funny. It helps remind me of the reason for the season. :)

  • Michelle

    Dear SoleStruck,

    My favorite holiday tradition is making ginger bread houses with the grandma. Me and the old lady like to spend all day together couple days before Christmas and decorate little delicious looking homes for gingermen.

    Love, Moon

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