That’s right….the shoe every girl and a majority of guys we know—is dying to own. Of course we have classic black suede or leather—but now we have almost ten colors for you to choose form. From subtle to chic, from animal print to shocking blue—one lucky winner will be sporting the Jeffrey Campbell PIXIE this holiday season. This has been in our TOP THREE best selling items for 2010—-and we want you to have a pair for free….here is how!

To win a pair of the PIXIE all you have to do is leave a message comment here ont this blog post (click the counter bubble near the title—comments sometimes take a while to show—but we get them!). We want to know your BIGGEST HOLIDAY wish! If you could have, get, give, change, do, re-do, un-do, share one thing this holiday season what would it be! The Holidays are amazing time—-so let us know your number one wish as a comment on this blog and the one that catches our eye will win a pair of PIXIE! And of course if you want to also post it on our FACEBOOK page too.…extra points! Holidays are when magic happens…so thank you fans for supporting us this year! Happy Holidays!

  • http://Website gina

    all i want this xmas is all the time in the world with my family and friends.

  • Monique Ceccato

    My family has had a rough few years, with my grand father passing away, my aunty joining a cult (thank heavens she is no longer a part of that) and my uncle being told he has a brain tumour. He underwent surgery about a year ago, but they didn’t get all of the tumour. I hope and pray that one day soon he will be told that the tumour has shrunk and gone – I don’t think the family could cope too well if it took a turn for the worst!

  • Kailee

    I wish and hope that the dark PDX weather doesn’t get the best of any friends this winter-fingers crossed! Come December 21st, the solstice will bring longer, lighter days, gotta keep the motivation!

  • Ana

    If I could get one big wish for Christmas, I would make all my family’s and my problems go away, so we could finally get some luck! Sometimes it seems like everything is against us, but I always keep positive. I’m still an optimist. Hope I can finally get some luck and win these amazing shoes for Christmas… Kisses from Croatia.

  • nifesimiq

    hat I want is a very peaceful holiday and time with the family. Also, for my blog to get more recognition :-) .

  • alana

    I’d say my biggest holiday wish is to be able to move out on my own come the new year. Not because I’d like the freedom to do as I please because I was never really given too many rules as a teenager. It’s more so that I could excel at what I want to do using my own positive energy and surround myself with only those that can help contribute to that. It seems as if the people in my household want to keep me where I’m at and they always encourage me to settle with things that won’t make me happy, but rather make me more money. Now that I am 22, I’m old enough to go out on my own and only hope that this holiday season and the new year will bring me good things to work with!

  • Kimber

    My Christmas wish would be for my wisdom teeth to disappear, because I’d much rather spend my money on shoes than teeth.

  • fenfel

    I really wish that me and my boyfriend can live in the same country, so that we wont need to start a long distance relationship starting next week. No one knows when we gonna meet again once we are tight by our jobs..

  • http://Website Baabs

    I am in NYC interning this winter break, and so I will not be able to go home for Christmas. We get the 24th /25th off, hardly enough time for me to get home, so my one holiday wish would be to teleport home, and spend QT with my mom, dad and brother <3

  • jenn nelson

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. I’m convinced that color was made for me, it’s my absolute FAVE!

    Prep for corny: If I could have anything this Christmas, it would be to be able to spend it with my ENTIRE family. We’re all spread out over the states, and I wish we could all be together.

    Also, I want these shoes. ;)

  • http://Website MSMEDesrochers

    On the third day of christmas , I wish that a can whip my hair back n forth in serious Wedge on the strip! SOLETRUCk help me! The show must go on ! Let’s have a PIXIE moment on some Rihanna :) My biggest holiday dream : have a Rockstar moment !!!

  • Erin

    If I could have any wish, as mean and selfish as it sounds, what I would want most is to just spend this Christmas not buying gifts for anyone or doing anything at all, and sitting around Christmas morning in my pajamas eating cereal, watching cartoons, not having to worry about going to work or any other obligation – just a whole day of slacking off and NOTHING.

    But yeah… that would never go over well with the family/friends, so it’s not happening! I’m already accused of being a scrooge, LOL.

  • lalaG

    I wish that this Christmas I was working more hours so I can give everyone I care about a gift to show them how much I love them and have money so I an help more ppl in need this Christmas Ybut every little thing counts) I also wish I could get more ppl to come to my blog.

  • Julia M

    My biggest holiday wish is that I could get a job and actually afford to pay my bills and buy anyone Christmas presents! I can’t even afford to buy my parents a gift this year :(

  • http://Website Sabrina

    my biggest wish would be that i can spend my holidays with my family without drama just love :)

  • Hellen Araujo

    If I could give one wish this holiday season, it would go to myself! The reason why is because I am always making sure everyone is alright and has everything every holiday, the one perosn that always gets left behind and is missing something it’s me! My wish would be to spend 1 Christmas with my mom and dad! That’s is all I want. I haven’t seen my parents in 9 years… They sent me to the US to go to school when I was 12 and now being 21 I haven’t seen them. Time makes people forget, and it’s really sad that I for got how is to have parents. Christmas is all about family, and even though I got married and I have my husband and his parents, a little piece of me still missing. I would love to share this holiday season with my parents!!!

  • Joanne Faith

    My boyfriend (almost 2 years now!) is from Sweeden and hasn’t been back to Sweeden for a long time now – I am also ITCHING to go (perhaps due to a mild infatuation with the Sweedish designed shoes I’ve seen crop up on Solestruck?). It would also be an amazing holiday to take together! & I am sure that you have guessed what my wish is right now, but it would be to take that trip to Sweeden to visit&meet my boyfriends extended family and spend some time together in a pretty rad foreign country!

    p.s. I LOVE this campaign/giveaway. & I <3 you Solestruck! I've been pining for leopard print Pixies..

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  • http://Website Nancy

    I am a Colombian living in Idaho for ten years now. Right now I am in Colombia visiting my mom for the holidays and I came to find most of my country flooded because of La Nina. The tragedy is unspeakable! thousands of animals drowning, towns are being evacuated, roads are collapsing. It is really, really sad, and they don’t even show it in the international news. I wish the rain could stop and my people could start their lives all over again.

  • msjaneistrouble

    All I want for Christmas is to meet my gorgeous 6 month old niece! My family are in Australia and I have not met her since she was born, so really that is all I would like (plus the Pixies of course). I’ve seen loads of photos of her and she even looks a bit like me (my sister and I look practically identical so no surprise there) so I am super excited and looking forward to the day I can finally meet her.

  • Vinna

    I want to dedicate my only Christmas wish to the people of the Korean Peninsula. For them to continue their life as it was and just be in peace.

  • Victoria hebner

    I wish that I had a heroic/great/sad story to tell so I could win a pair of jcs like the other winners.

  • Barbara


    I Feel My “Soul” Has Been ” Struck” By You.
    I Have Been Sincerely Nice This Year.
    Staying Ahead Of My Game, Making Sure To Stay On Top Of My Grades.
    Helping Others and Doing What I Am Told,
    Now It’s My Time To Shine.
    I Would Be Grateful and Blessed
    As Long As You Put My “Sole” To The Test! :)
    If Solestruck Would Struck My Soul With The JC PIXIE IN BLACK AND GOLD.


  • Wendy

    The holidays are all about family and spending time with them. Unfortunately this year we are all going our separate ways due to plans with the inlaws. My biggest wish is therefore for our vacation plans in the spring to China to come to fruition – so we can not only spend time together, but also exploring and visiting our homeland with our parents.

  • http://Website Jessica F

    My biggest holiday wish would be to help out all the people that are alone and spending christmas on the streets with no family or anyone to turn to. I will be spending christmas alone as half of my family is on the other side of the country and my father and sister are in india this year so I will be expierencing that this year. It breaks my heart knowing some people have to spend the holidays alone and hungry and no where to go.

  • Ashley R

    To be honest, I’ve really gotten all that I could want for this Christmas– my Beau moved across country to be with me, we’re living in our home of New Orleans again, and we’re talking of future kittens, buying homes, and more! I think the ONLY thing that could make it better than the most perfect Christmas is if our parents could be here with us. I haven’t seen my mother for Christmas in several years.


    On the third day of Christmas i wish solestruck give me a Shocking Blue Pixies!! I have everything in life, family, happiness and now i want to look stunning with these cuties!!!!!

  • israel

    i wish justin beiber never existed, and like peace on earth and stuff.


  • mel

    Biggest wish would be to have another Christmas with my family from France. Haven’t seen them in 11 years since I left and it would be nice to catch up, go around Paris, eat the best food in the world, and just remember all the good memories we had as kids :)

  • Ariana

    My holiday wish is to have the time and means to visit my family in Europe!! I miss them :(

  • http://Website Kristen

    My husband works for a non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates young girls and children that have been exploited in sex trafficking around the world. My ultimate wish is that these very little girls were never harmed in the first place but also that we get all of them out of that situation and into safety! It really breaks my heart! I tell him that is another reason I escape with shoes. It takes my mind of some of the atrocities in the world! : ) There are many non-profits doing great things for kids around the world…And I am thankful for good people that care!
    My own (self-absorbed) wish is to start a Jeffrey Campbell boutique in my closet! Ha! Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Pay it forward!!

  • Charee

    My only Holiday Wish would be for ALL the troops to be sent home on Christmas Day to be with their loved ones.

  • Nickie Frye

    I would wish for an end to human trafficking. Human trafficking generates over 12 billion dollars a year for those who, by force and deception, sell human lives into slavery and sexual bondage. Nearly 2 million CHILDREN are exploited in the commercial sex industry, with the average aged child being 11-12. This happens in the US, too. Two huge busts were made in the area where I live in the last few years. So, it would be my wish that these children in particular be set free. For more info check out International Justice Mission.

  • Erica Strauss

    Those shoes! Ooh la la!

    My biggest Holiday wish? I’m a recent college grad who (luckily) scored a job fresh out of uni — but I’m still living with my parents. I’d love to get out on my own again. I’m a very independent person by nature (and also not-so-fond of my toxic family — though I do admit it’s awesome they let me stay around while I was unemployed!) I think it’s so important to feel like you have a sense of home and security and that’s really all I want right now. :)

    Plus, I have a cute boyfriend who my parents don’t like sleeping at their place every night. ;D


  • Jo

    For my karma to change! I can’t afford bad karma anymore. I’ve lost two monthly bus passes and my wallet in these last two months. Walking in killer shoe might help.. Wink wink nudge nudge.

  • Shauna

    My biggest wish is to get my youngest sister something she actually LIKES on Christmas. Admittedly, I kind of fail when it comes to Christmas shopping for her.
    I remember once that she picked up blue suede heeled boots at a department store, we were in a rush and I said that “you can find those anywhere, we gotta go!” Yeah… she never found a pair just yet [within her budget]. The pixie is pretty much dead-on, therefore, I must have.

  • Cartier

    My one wish would be to have my cousin Aaron back with me for one more Christmas. My life hasn’t been the same since he passed away. And I want more than anything else in the world to have the chance to tell him how much I love him and to be able to hug him one more time.

  • http://Website Kristina

    My only wish this Christmas is to be back home in Toronto as soon as possible. I lost my job this year and had to leave my dearest friends, who are my true family, behind, to live with my boyfriend’s family in Vancouver (because I ran out of money and I couldn’t find a job after unemployment ran out).

    I’m working my ass off (I’m at work right now and I’ve been here since 3:30 in the morning!) to get back home, but my boyfriend’s mother hates my guts and I’m really bummed out about the whole situation.

    Continuing to grin and bear it!

  • Stacy

    More than anything I would love to “un-do” the death of my brother-in-law this past year. Nothing would be better than giving my husband just a few more moments with his older brother.

  • http://Website dana r.

    WOW, LOVE THOSE PIXIES. I LOVE THE PIXIES BAND TOO!, SOOO MEANT TO BE.! the colour is brilliant as well. Wish for Christmas? Peace and Goodwill, Bring home our troops. Cher to make a better movie.

  • Lin

    I’ve had a few years when I was younger of really bad health, life treatening. It placed a lot of stress on my family. And I know how heart broken my family was. Im better now, but the risk is still high. It makes u realize how precious life is.. So now all I wish for, each year, is good health for myself and my family.

  • Ana

    My wish would be that my family’s and my problems go away. Sometimes it seems like everything is against us, but I always stay optimistic. Winning these amazing shoes would really boost my confidence and would be something I really want for Christmas, but can’t get myself. Hope I’ll have a bit of luck this time and win maybe… Kisses from Croatia.

  • Natalia Perzyna

    My biggest wish this season would be for me to find that perfect INTERNSHIP or JOB that ties in with my SHOE-OBSESSION. My love for shoes runs through my veins and its sad but i’d choose my jeffrey campbells over my boyfriend. its true!

  • Jamie

    My fiance is going to Iraq in a few weeks. My biggest wish is that he makes it home to me safe and sound in one piece both physically and emotionally. There is no money or material thing that can bring peace of mind while he’s gone and there are no words to describe the kind of pain and helplessness I feel inside with his looming departure. I know it is a partly selfish Christmas wish but the hope and prayers that he returns home (and of course good friends) will hopefully get me through!

  • Tess

    Every christmas my entire family is together and spends the holiday laughing and enjoying each others company. Since I already have my family, this year all I want is to be able to give back to my community and celebrate the people in it. Christmas eve & Christmas morning I plan on helping in the local food kitchen and providing meals for the homeless and those in need. I want to focus this year on giving back and celebrating life. Happy Holidays Solestruck!

  • http://Website Marina Ederra

    All I want for Christmas this year is to be able to do what Dorothy does in The Wizard of Oz, just tap my heels and be with my family in Argentina again, and celebrate with them all the Holidays together. I miss them so much, even when they are always with me in my heart, wouldn’t be nice to share a real dinner and laugh, and talk and cry togeher…If only I were Dorothy… maybe I need a pair of red shoes?
    As you said…Holidays are when magic happens! :)

  • Ali

    My holiday wish is to be accepted into a study abroad program in Paris for the upcoming school year to study business, art, and fashion. And also to have the self control to save my money for that experience and to master the French language (that would be quite helpful!).

  • michelle

    all i want for Christmas is a puppy!

  • Mae Lu

    Five years ago, I moved across the country from Southern California to Detroit to be with a man I met on MySpace.

    However, in the process, I gave up being in San Diego often with my family, my best friends (who are my soulmates), and my grand mothers, who are too old to travel to me. Once I moved here, school, work, life got in the way, and it was much too expensive to fly back and forth more than a couple times every few years to see my 3 best friends and precious family members. Consequently, I only get to see or be around my best friends on big events, like my wedding and Bridal shower, and my family at holidays.

    My biggest holiday wish would be to gather all three of my best friends and my old, old grandmothers, my new family of in-laws, and my immediate family in the same place, where we can eat, drink and be merry together with each other’s company and raw laughter.

    I don’t care about presents.

    Being with them is the most important thing. I haven’t seen my best friends, or my brother in over a year. He missed my wedding, too.

    My second Christmas wish would be to pay off all my loans so I can finally start buying myself shoes again. I have not gone shopping in over a year, and it is heart rending seeing all these stylish bloggers with new items that I can’t purchase myself. I’ve been needing a proper winter coat and cape, and I just can’t buy them!

  • Megan

    My first wish was to go visit my best friend who moved to Japan 3 years ago….but that I’m actually going to do!
    One thing I’ve wished for a long time is to become more comfortable with my height. I’ve been 5ft10 since I was 14, and I always felt really awkward compared to my classmates who were way shorter than me (can you imagine having to do a ballroom dance unit in gym class when all the boys were a foot shorter than you?? They were either eye level with my boobs or I had to crouch down to spin under their arm. NOT a fun memory).
    Now that I’m older (and, fortunately, guys have begun to catch up with me) I’ve started to feel a bit more comfortable being tall, but the one thing I haven’t gotten the courage to do is wear heels. I just feel like I’d look ridiculous! But my goal for 2011 is to start wearing more heels-and I want the Pixie to be my first pair! They are so unique, it’s right up my alley-and they look really comfortable to walk in which would be great for someone like me who is a heel virgin!

  • Erin

    My biggest wish for this Christmas is for Mom to be healthy and happy. She’s been going through a lot these past 4 years and I feel it’s about time she heals and enjoys life to the fullest.

  • Meggy Cheggy

    Hmmm for this Christmas I’d like to wish that my grandpa would still be here, he’s been very sick lately… He was my Santa clause when I was little and still is the real one!!

  • Megan McLaughlin

    One thing I’ve wished for a long time is to become more comfortable with my height. I’ve been 5ft10 since I was 14, and I always felt really awkward compared to my classmates who were way shorter than me (can you imagine having to do a ballroom dance unit in gym class when all the boys were a foot shorter than you?? They were either eye level with my boobs or I had to crouch down to spin under their arm. NOT a fun memory).
    Now that I’m older (and, fortunately, guys have begun to catch up with me) I’ve started to feel a bit more comfortable being tall, but the one thing I haven’t gotten the courage to do is wear heels. I just feel like I’d look ridiculous! But my goal for 2011 is to start wearing more heels-and I want the Pixie to be my first pair! They are so unique, it’s right up my alley-and they look really comfortable to walk in which would be great for someone like me who is a heel virgin!

  • Lauren

    My holiday wish is to learn how to stop being afraid of people and open up. I rarely talk to new people because I’m scared they don’t want to associate with me, but i want that to change!

    I have always always ALWAYS wanted this style of wedge. I really hope I win it.

  • courtney d

    My holiday wish is happiness. I haven’t been able to spend the holidays with my family in since 2005 because my husband was in the Army. So just being able to be with them this year will bring me lots of happiness!

  • Hayley

    This is a little sad, but all I want for Christmas is for my dog to stay healthy! I just got the bad news that he has cancer and may have to loose his leg inorder to rid him of the cancer. He is 9 and I he has been my rock since I moved away from home 9 years ago. Sorry to post such a downer, but that is ALL I want for Christmas :)

  • Megan

    I can’t go without wishing that my dad’s serious mental health problems would go away and he’d be himself again.

  • Emily

    i wish my boyfriend could really see how much i truly love him. he means the world to me, i put him above myself, i don’t feel the same without him. i love him with all of my heart and soul. i can’t express how much i care for him…we have a great relationship but he doesn’t see how amazing and special he is. i wish that he could see himself through my eyes and see how handsome, intelligent, witty, funny, loveable, and all around fantastic he is.
    i guess if i could have one thing it would be for my boyfriend to see how great he really is.

  • Meg M

    My biggest wish would be able to actually spend the day with my family. I work at a job that requires me to work all holidays and I never see them.

  • Adiel

    I just really want to be home with my family for the holidays. I moved two states away from my family (who I’m very close with) about a year and a half ago. I miss them every day! I really just want to be there with them, to see my niece and nephew learning and growing. That’s my biggest holiday wish this year!

  • http://Website Sandra

    I’m involved in animal rescue and always wanted to start my own. So if Santa could leave some funds in my stocking that would allow me to start my own organization, that would be quite wonderful! I surely wouldn’t mind Santa leaving a pair or two of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but I guess that goes without saying. :)

  • Natalie

    My biggest wish for Christmas.. hmm let me think for a while. Maybe I should write about freakin hot pair of shoes or something like that but I will not. Of course it would be so nice to get another babies in my wardrobe but I have different wish for this year. I really wanna meet my boyfriend for Christmas. Much more tham Mariah Carey… He is now work abroad and I don’t really know if there is any chance to be together at this magic time.
    I love shoes and they are important to me but I can get them any time. Unfortunately we have no influence at all.
    If I only could I would run to my love as long and as fast as I can. Maybe black zebra Pixie will turn my wish into true… Who knows
    Love Natt

  • Christine

    I am blessed in so many ways already — surrouned by friends and family that I love. I guess my biggest holiday wish is for my business to become successful enough that I can finally QUIT my day job and wear those shoes every day of the week!

  • http://Website Jejune

    My Christmas wish is for patience and understanding. I mean this primarily for myself, but also for everyone. I wish for patience with myself and others, and for others to have patience as well in their everyday lives. I wish wives of soldiers patience until their husbands come home, I wish friends who have lost their jobs patience until another one arises. I wish for the virtues of the spirit more than I do for material goods, and “Peace on Earth, good will to men.”

  • Isis

    My biggest wish for this holiday is to get a full time job as a designer. I graduated in May and since the economy hasn’t full recovered, and there are already limited jobs for junior product designers, finding a real job as of yet has been very very difficult. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a paid internship, but a full time job would mean so much to me. It would allow me to become totally independent and to of course pursue my passion which is design! And thus make money which I can use to pay bills and of course, feed my shoe obsession.

  • Shoegasm

    What I wouldn’t give to have a little pair of Pixies to wear this holiday season… but my real number one wish would be to see my family, they’re 1200 miles away and it’s always so hard to travel to see them.

  • Nicole

    My friend got in a long-boarding accident last spring, shattered her foot, and was in a wheel-chair for 8 weeks. Boy, did that give her a new perspective on things. She has since been in physiotherapy treatment, and slowly started walking again. I WISH that I will win these shoes, because I would love nothing more than to give them to her for Christmas. She’s a wonderful person, and deserves a pair of shoes that makes her feel special after such a dreadful experience. These shoes are a gem.

    • ty

      Nicole! We love your giving spirit! You are a winner! Check your in box girl.

  • http://Website Shedia

    My biggest holiday wish would be for my mom to find a job. She’s been looking and looking and I know how stressful it’s been for her to provide us they way that she would like to. She blames herself for losing her job and I constantly tell her not to worry about it, that we’ll make it through, but as a parent I guess she just doesn’t feel that if she can’t give us the world. So my holiday wish is for her to find employment so that she can be less stressed.

  • Nikki

    If I could have one BIG HOLIDAY WISH it would have to be to have my entire family be together!! I have family in Dallas that I havent seen since my grandmother passed!! She was the glue to the family so since she is gone our family dont gather like we use to!! So thats my BIGGEST HOLIDAY WISH for family unity!

  • Ashley

    My biggest holiday wish is to be able to find a job in and move to New York City! I have been applying for jobs in the city for the past year or so with no luck. So I’m hoping that this coming year will be the year I get hired and can finally afford to live in NYC and enjoy life!

  • http://Website grace

    my BIGGEST holiday wish this year is to spend Christmas together with my boyfriend this year even though we’re in different parts of the country

  • http://Website Alexa

    My biggest christmas wish is to be able to travel the world and to experience all the amazing different cultures.

  • http://Website LJ

    Christmas wish… this economy to turn around. Too many people losing jobs and retail stores and companies shutting down. I have friends and relatives that have lost their employment — and that makes for a sad holiday season.

  • http://Website Satone-Brea

    My BIGGEST wish is to finally get my clothing line started and get a job so I can satisfy my shoe addiction =D

  • SaintChic

    All I want for Christmas is my clothing line to be complete and a signature Jeffrey Campbell shoe for the runway. Pow.

  • http://Website Denise

    I wish I lived in a medieval castle on a hill alone with a cat. I’d never wear clothes, just shoes. #work! lol

  • shannon c

    My biggest holiday wish is that I’d wake up and have these shoes under the tree.

    Oh, and a tree, and my family, and snow, etc.

  • Cristina

    My biggest wish for this Christmas is to find my first job :-)

  • Ashlee

    My biggest holiday wish is to be able to love my body. I have struggled with bulimia, exercise bulimia, and disordered eating since I was 15. I’m 25 now. The holidays are especially hard, because I can’t enjoy the special foods and treats with my friends and family without punishing myself. For Christmas, I want the number on the scale to stop controlling my life.

  • Therese

    I would like a job! Preferably where wearing those shoes is acceptable…but really, any job. We’re expecting a little one!

  • http://Website Emily

    I have only One wish and it means everything to me.

    I wish that there will be a cure for my incurable diease, and I won’t suffer from it anymore and my parents in oversea will not be worried so much about me.

    I really wish this could.come.true.

  • Lauren

    All I want for the Holidays is continued inspiration for my life, blog, and friends!

  • Eden Dawn

    My biggest wish this magical time of year is that Crocs had never been invented. Ugh..

  • emma

    dear solestruck,
    this yr i was diagnosed with a very rare chronic illness called mastocytosis that qualifies me as disabled and i have felt the repercussions of this disease through my emotional health, physical health, social life, and difficulty reaching lifegoals. this holiday season i have decided to start fundraising for my disease and other orphan diseases that do not get the same recognition as more common things such as breast cancer or aids but are just as disabling and life-altering. i am starting small with xmas cookie bake sales and ideas for an etsy account, but have made it a priority to devote 2011 to this cause. my wish for this holiday season is that by this time next year i am not only in a better state emotionally and physically but that i have made some even small difference for anybody else with an orphan disease, and helped their life become brighter (: . my number one favorite thing to buy for myself in the world is jeffrey campbell platform heels. for this reason i believe i deserve to receive a pair as a gift! i love your brand and all you do with design. forever stay artistically inspirational!

  • Lynzy

    My BIGGEST holiday wish is to spend time with my boyfriend who is always slaving away at the hospital and my family (who I only see once in a great while)! Being with those you love is better than any gift that can come wrapped!

    xo Lynzy

  • Seval

    Oh I would really like to have all Jeffrey Campbell Shoes!!! Yes, I’m wishing this! :)

  • Jaslyn Chong

    My Christmas wish is to get All the JC shoes that I’ve been wanting for long and Balenciaga bag and a pair of Chanel Earing. Lastly gonna spend with my love, family and friends

    Check out my blog to see my JC wish list:)

  • Anu Day

    My biggest wish for this Christmas is to be relieved in finding that my possible marriage will be definitive. xx

  • http://Website Sandra

    This Christmas she wishes<3…

    that people forget about the greed
    and give back to those in need
    keep in mind of the time
    and discover that kindness is not hard to find.

  • http://Website gaia

    my biggest wish is to be feel something real and get away from this apathy.
    love, gaia

  • Sara

    My biggest holidays wish is to give my parents some sort of wedding, which they never had. They had to get a civil wedding right away, since my dad is filipino and my mom is chinese, back in the day my mom’s father didn’t approve. So my dad left the philippines with a higher paying job than the US navy just so he could have my mom come to the US and they could live a life together. Everything between both sides are all well now. But On Dec 22, it is going to be their 30 year anniversary =)

  • Megan McLaughlin

    I’ve wished for a long time to be more comfortable with my height. I’ve been 5ft10 since I was 14, and I always felt really awkward being so tall (can you imagine having to do a ballroom dance unit in gym class when all the boys were a foot shorter than you?? They were either eye level with my chest or I had to crouch down to spin under their arm. NOT a fun memory). Now that I’m older I’ve started to feel a bit more comfortable being tall, but the one thing I haven’t gotten the courage to do is wear heels. But my goal for 2011 is to start wearing more heels-and I want the Pixie to be my first pair! They’re so unique and look like someone who never wear heels (like me) could actually walk in them without toppling over.

    • ty

      Megan! We love your entry! We think being tall, while not easy at a young age, is something sexxy, powerful and strong. Our wish for you this year–that you feel
      empowered, confident, beautiful and strong in your new pixie! You win.

  • http://Website Jon

    My biggest wish for Christmas is that my wife calms down a little about wanting another pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Santa, I need help.

    • ty

      good luck.

  • Becs

    For many of us, our fondest memories are the ones that were lived in our childhoods. So the biggest holiday wish is for me to turn back time and re-live Christmas Day with my family as a child — when my biggest concern was picking out a matching hairbow to go with my dress. I’d re-live the Christmas Day when I was 8 years old and my twin sister & I woke up early in the morning (as we had always done), ran downstairs and to our surprise (and utter delight), found a ping pong / pool table in our den. Hands down, best Christmas ever.

    Seriously, fab giveaway. Thanks so much! xx

  • Karissa Gonzalez

    I just want this Christmas to be best while my family can still be called my family.

  • Becs

    For many of us, our favorite memories are the ones lived in our childhoods, when days were carefree and our largest worry was learning how to properly tie our shoelaces. So my biggest holiday wish would be to turn back the hands of time and re-live Christmas Day as a CHILD. I’d re-live the Christmas Day when I was 8 years old and my twin sister and I woke up before 6am (as we had typically done), ran downstairs and to our surprise (and utter delight), found a ping pong / pool table in our den. We played ping pong and pool until our hearts’ content that day. Hands down, best Christmas ever.

    Seriously, fab giveaway! Thanks so much! xx

  • Chloe

    My Christmas wish is for my mom to come over and spend the holidays with me. Cheesy but true. <3

  • http://Website Nicole

    My biggest holiday wish would be for my husband’s visa application be approved so that we can move back to Australia and be with my family.

  • http://Website Donna

    My biggest christmas wish is to be able to spend as much time with my grandparents as possible. Although I love my parents to death, my grandparents played a huge role in raising me while my parents were busy working long hours so that we could get by. It never really hit me that they were getting old until this year, and it scares the shit out of me to think that I don’t have that much time left to spend with them. It also breaks my heart that they think they have nothing to look forward to except to spend time with family and because we’re all so busy… it’s difficult to do. They literally sit by the phone and wait for a call.
    Even if I don’t win these boots, I hope people read this post and spend time with their grandparents. You have no idea what that time means to them.

  • http://Website BriannaJayde

    My biggest holiday wish is to fall in love

  • http://Website Liza

    My biggest wish for the holidays is that my boyfriend will be able to find a new job, but I’m just happy for it to be the winter-time :)

  • http://Website Kelly

    It’s so hard to choose just one…

    If I could have any wish come true this year, it would be for my dad to find the amazing job opportunity he deserves. He wakes up at 4 every morning and works until 8 every night, commuting across three states. He has had so many unfortunate things happen in the work world – dealing with ethical issues, bosses that still owe him back pay and would litigate him into bankruptcy if he tried to get what he is owed. His current job was supposed to be the game changer he deserved, but the largest investor went bankrupt, so he’s lived the past two years with the uncertainty of losing his job at any moment as the money for his project runs out. He’s dealt with some of the most frustrating coworkers (like guys who insist on $1,000 a night hotels even as they were in financial trouble).

    My dad has worked so hard over the years and is the most selfless, giving person with an indomitable spirit. If I had all of these things happen to me in my career, I would have given up and moved to an ashram already. So if I could have anything this holiday, I would wish for him to find an amazing job that he enjoys and pays what he deserves after decades of hard work.

  • Tui

    I wish, really really wish I could go to Australia this Christmas to spend the holiday with my day. It would be even better if my brother, his wife and kids could be there too.

  • http://Website Lewanna

    I’m not going to wish for something unrealistic like world peace or whatever. All i want for christmas is to make my little brother happy. Presents aside, i just want him to have a good time. Although, i wouldn’t mind if i found a little blue suede present under the tree for me either.

    Thanks, Solestruck.

  • Megan M.

    One thing I’ve wished for a long time is to become more comfortable with my height. I’ve been 5ft10 since I was 14, and I always felt really awkward being so tall (can you imagine having to do a ballroom dance unit in gym class when all the boys were a foot shorter than you?? They were either eye level with my chest or I had to crouch down to spin under their arm. NOT a fun memory). Now that I’m older (and, fortunately, guys have begun to catch up with me) I’ve started to feel a bit more comfortable being tall, but the one thing I haven’t gotten the courage to do is wear heels. I just feel like I’d look ridiculous! But my goal for 2011 is to start wearing more heels-and I want the Pixie to be my first pair! They are so unique and look like something someone like me who never wears heels could actually walk in.

  • elizabeth hendricks

    For Christmas I would like to go back in time and spend one more Christmas with my mom.

  • Sarah Toshiko

    My wish for Christmas is to win these shoes. Can I just say that outright? It’s the truth and I’d wear the shi* out of them everyday, even just to go to the bathroom, take out the trash, or go to sleep in them. Oh and world peace.

  • kartika margaretha

    My biggest holiday wishes:
    *My father finally give-up to tell me I should save for a new laptop and buy me a new laptop.. :D
    *GOT NEW SHOES. *cough*
    *A nice and wild trip to Karimun jawa island with my friends!!!!
    there are many things in my wishlist but I shall not embarrassed myself with more ridiculous wishes.. sooooo.. that’s all.. :D

  • maria

    For my brother in law to be able to get time off of work to spend with the family. He works out of town and the kids miss him!

  • Martika Marshall

    Dear Solestruck,

    Since 1998, over 200,000 women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been victims of sexual violence and female genital mutilation (FGM). Everyday, this number grows significantly! Over the last couple of weeks, my friends and I have gathered new/old clothing, shoes, and sanitary items and will be shipping them to a donation center in Congo. My ultimate holiday wish is that my efforts will affect these women’s life and that these items reach before Christmas!

  • Nilay

    My biggest holiday wish was a night with my friends :) but now my biggest wish is those pixie s :)

  • http://Website Mona

    My only wish is to be together with my family at christmas , who i unfortunately want see before the spring again. After I moved from Norway to Greece I dont get to see them alot. And as a hardworking, alone mother to a small greek godess I feel like I deserve a gift like this and at christmas I think a pair of “blues suede shoes” like these would rock my christmas up alot! I can just imagine my self “rockin around the christmas tree” in my “blues suede shoes”…..! Can`t you? :)


    All I want for Christmas is mulled wine and great friends. The shoes would be a major bonus though ;)

  • http://Website Emy W.

    My wish this Christmas is to be able to be surrounded by friends and family, knowing that I am healthy. I have had very serious health problems for the last 7 months and after 3 surgeries and a lot of pain I am just hoping that the treatments work this time so that I can be healthy and with my family for the holidays. :)

  • Beth Schacter

    My biggest holiday wish is that for one day, everyone, everywhere would be safe, well fed and happy. Just one day. Universal peace. I know it can’t last forever. But it would be amazing.

    Merry Christmas fellow shoe lovers.

  • http://Website Kate

    My biggest wish for Christmas is for my entire family to get along and to be together on Christmas. Over the years, there has been an extreme amount of drama and family trouble, and this year, I just hope everyone gets to be happy and get along and be together as an entire loving family. I also wish for my friends and family serving overseas to be safe and come home if not at Christmas, but as soon as possible, to everyone who loves them with all of their hearts.

  • Susan

    Dark heavy nights interrupted by laughing rain, a swift breeze passed silently through the cold night air, savagely ripping a hole in the sky’s blanket. Previously unaware of the cold, ignorant to the goosebumps on the back of my neck and the chattering in my teeth, I now felt a chill travel through my body. My heart breaks for the homeless even more on nights like this. While many will have the luxury to return and spend Christmas with family, friends and loved ones there will be many lonely soles who never will have the opportunity to truly experience the joy of Christmas. My biggest wish this holiday season goes out to empty, the abandoned, the outcast, the forsaken, the deserted, and the companionless. Even with all the money in the world, one can never buy things like love and family. BE THANKFUL this holiday season and warm some hearts! <3

  • http://Website sunchicka

    I’d wish that everyone who carries a deep regret in life will get one redo.

  • Kirstin Marie

    What I would love for christmas is for everyone to have happiness. For my family to get thru their health issues and live to grow old together, and for no more tears.

    Thanks for offering this give away, it is awesome. Best of luck to everyone!!

  • Jamie

    my holiday wish is to find a job in the fashion industry in nyc!!! (lol i just moved here)

  • janna

    the gift of laughter [specifically, my friends' laughter at my awkward, yet unbelievably fashionable attempt to walk down three flights of stairs in these shoes] is truly all i want for hanukkah this year.
    after all, ’tis better to give…

  • http://Website Lisa

    A wish is like whispers. It is unheard unless u lean in to hear it, or make your wish – a verb and figure out how to make it a reality. So my whisper is for me to be free. This Christmas I wanna be liberated. Free of work pressures, self doubt and others perceptions of who I should be. After all I am. I have wings. I can fly. That is what I am gonna verb this holiday. Make it more than a whisper.

  • http://Website Miriam

    my holiday wish would be for me to get my mojo back and find the happiness i used to feel and have 1 year and half ago…

  • Vivian

    All I want for Christmas is to spend time with everyone that I love back home.

  • http://Website Alysse

    I won’t say a sob story or something sad because I don’t think the bad things in life should be used to get things from others..

    So what I would wish for is that everyone could be irrevocably content & happy with who they were. Like what they like, love what they love, use the bad parts of their life to grow and learn about themselves and those around them, & do what they do without any hesitation.

  • RJ

    My wish for this holiday season is to win the National Geographic Photo Contest. It’s a big wish, but I think I’ve got a good shot! As an art student, winning would give me some amazing opportunities, and aside from wearing jaw-dropping shoes, photography is my greatest addiction.

  • http://Website Julie Y.

    My holiday wish would be to be able to figure out what I wanted to do in life. Not know what to do is pretty stressful and depressing.

  • http://Website Tinny

    biggest holiday wish:
    a blue suede pixie back zip wedge for every female this holiday season!!!

    i know it may be hard to do that.. but you asked for a big wish.. hehe if only :)

  • http://Website kelly

    What I want for Christmas is a job! A job so I can pay rent, buy food and, of course, buy more fabulous shoes!! Hey, Solestruck, you looking to hire? ;) I’m in Portland.

  • http://Website Scarlet

    My biggest holiday wish, and everyday wish that I haven’t yet expressed to anyone, is that my brave, stubborn, Gedde Watanabe-lookalike Father makes it through a happy 2011. He has terminal liver cancer, which is wreaking all the havoc it can on his frail body and my family’s hearts.

    So please Santa, if you read blog comments… :)

    Thanks, Solestruck, for letting me put some difficult feelings into words.

  • http://Website ondrejik

    My ONLY wish is for my grandmother to have a blissful Christmas. Her son, my father, lost his life to cancer several years ago. Since that day she lost the spark in her eye. It would be a gift in itself to see her happy again.

  • http://Website Madeleine

    My biggest wish this christmas is that my daughter will be happy. If she gets these in a christmas present she will be really happy!

  • http://Website Mathilda

    My biggest wish this christmas is to spend some time with my grandma that is has really bad alzheimers.

  • Baz

    I wish I was more motivated and courageous to practice my driving and get my license!! Life would b soil much easier if I could drive. Now I really wish I could win these shoes as o don’t drive but walk,.. A whole lot! No on would no longer Pitt me for not having my license because I’d have amazing show stopping shoes!

  • elmira

    All I want for Christmas is to see my family again after 10 years.
    10 years ago I had to leave my country because of my faith and my only dream is now to see them again.