Once upon a time.

Several years back, on a whim really, we opened a small pop-up store in Portland. The 2 month project, nestled in the heart of the Pearl Shopping District, ended up lasting for two years. Providing our shoes a home in Portland, a place for us to kick up our heels just a bit, the little store performed quite well, going beyond our expectations. While we have fond memories of that space, store, neighbors and time–we decided we needed a space that better reflected the site, our selection and the vibe we push for with our online shoppers. Clearly, our new space does not house the ENTIRE selection we have on the site—but it gives a well edited glimpse of the vibe we love–and the retail inventory rotates every 6 weeks refreshing with arrivals from our online mega-source of shoe goodness. The new space, designed and realized by our friends at SKYLAB, is, well, to put it bluntly, the shit. The space combines, dark shapes, soft lighting, a raw and sexxy vibe that showcases the shoes as the works of art they are. The curated selection of styles from him and her, sit well inside the new space—just off Burnside and next door to our new neighbor and friend ISSAC HERS.

We are the last tenant to occupy their space at the newly finished Black Box Retail Project (417 SW 13th Ave.), and our doors are open for business. We are working out the last minute details, finishing several details of signage, display and such—but the store is open and keeping the newly busy corner, well covered where footwear is concerned. If you are in Portland—we will be hosting a Grand Opening this Saturday evening—you can email to for more pointed information on that event–and we would love to see you at the store soon.

We would like to spend a spacial shout-out and nod of recognition to our retail team.

Thank you Melissa, Lindsay and Isabel for your dedication and work on this new project.