One less box…

Last week we quietly rolled out a new feature on the site that allows customers to choose to have their shoes shipped to them in a reused box.  This may not seem like a big deal, but I assure you it will be.  Every time a customer chooses this option will mean one less box is being produced or thrown away.  We only use locally produced recycled boxes, but that is not enough.  Sadly, cardboard and paper account for 41% of the garbage in our landfills.  A couple months ago I noticed Columbia Sportswear’s great initiative for “A Box Life,” and asked if we could participate.  The people at Columbia were very gracious by accommodating our request.  So far we are getting around 75% of customers who are choosing to receive their shoes in a reused box.  This has blown away our expectations.  We are actually not able to provide enough used boxes to meet the demand.  We are all excited about this and thank Columbia Sportswear for their initiative.  It is refreshing to see a large apparel company come up with such a creative solution to reduce environmental impact.  Please check out for more info.  This year we will save thousands of boxes.

helping mamma earth

  • Anna @ShoeHunting

    What a great idea, and so simple! :)