If you love Cheap Monday as much as we do—and love saving money while walking with tons of new looks and finds—you are not going to want to miss the sample sale hosted by THE NEWS—the agency that is home to Cheap Monday–the shoes have all blown out for them (and us!!) so this will be apparel, but with all the brands they have it is truly worth going. I went last season, walked with an armload of finds and feeling of true retail therapy. If you are in NYC—check it out ladies and gents—I mean—check the brand list!

The MONOLIT wedge was our best seller—and for the money and comfort, became a quick hit with our high trend clients. This was our first season with Cheap Monday shoes—but you can bet—not the last. We ordered like every style from their Spring Collection—which is coming soon. It’s going to be bananas. Stay tuned—-we got a few pairs of this bad boy left if you are into it squirrel.