Listen, ladies. We men have paid our dues.
We’ve given opinions on your heels.
We’ve worked as your iPhone photographers, clutch holders and drink fetchers.
And finally, last Saturday, it was OUR TURN.

Solestruck’s flagship store in Portland partnered with menswear boutique Machus and Cheap Monday‘s latest accessory line to host a night of men’s fashion, men’s shoes from every spectrum of style, whiskey, free haircuts, giveaways, and…. limo rides?


At Solestruck, one pair of the Beckett Boot in grey by Dr. Martens was given away to the best entry.

Can you guess who we picked?

We all love a good sob story, Jean.

Are you though, Miguel?

Don’t we all, Peter.

“And world peace!” – Lindall the Cindall

You tell ‘em, Steven!

Why yes you did, Steven!

Not your boyfriend, or even your sister, but your sister’s boyfriend, Jamie?

Flattery will get you far in life, but it won’t get you free Docs Benjamin!

Compelling, Dan. Compelling.

Well thanks for playing, Evan!

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