MEET WILLABELLE. Born in Singapore, but living down under, Willabelle Ong is the babe behind the style blog Pale Division. Though she may look petite, her sense of style is bolder than most and we’re not ashamed to say she’s a daily read for us. She rocked it out in our TBA Dungeon boot and we even did a little Q&A sesh with her! Check it out below:

Willabelle Ong

17 going on 18

What do you do?
I’m a first-year University student pursuing journalism and public relations. Besides all that education-related stuff, I also blog on “Pale Division” ( where I post photos of my personal style, inspiration, muses and random photography.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I actually have no idea… I keep close to fifty pairs in my wardrobe while the rest that I rarely wear are kept in my mother’s closet!

What’s your favorite trend right now?
Lucite-esque or glass-heeled shoes. Anything clear, really… Even my nails are ‘clean-looking’ with just glitter on them!

You’re nails are always amazing! What products do you recommend?
Aw thank you! I always use a base-coat (I get mine cheap from The Face Shop) and I adore OPI and Orly colors. The cosmic collection from Orly would probably be my favorite.

What are your go-to fashion essentials?
Accessories! I feel naked without a ring or bracelet wrapped around my finger or wrist. The little things in an ensemble actually make a difference.

What inspires your style?
A bunch of things; colors in everyday life, photographs, art, shapes, textures… For instance, I could look at an interesting plant and draw color-blocking inspiration from it, haha!

What’s your favorite season to dress for?
Definitely Winter. I’m crazy about outerwear and layering so it gives me a reason to take my faux-fur coats out to play!

Who’s your favorite designer?
I don’t exactly have a favorite but I appreciate Phoebe Philo and her minimalism. Big-time.

Biggest fashion splurge?
Probably a pair of shoes, a coat, or a lamb-skin bag. Honestly can’t remember splurging on anything amazing recently…

Mary-Kate or Ashley?
Mary-Kate! She seems to have the “IDGAF” attitude. :-)

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