Pale Division x Jeffrey Campbell Tardy

Hello again, it’s nice to be back! So continuing from my previous post, I’m here to reveal the surprise from those rad Jeffrey Campbell shoe-boxes! They’re none other than the Tardy platforms (an all-time favourite with everyone) in wine velvet. How lush right? Enjoy drooling over these photos…

They now sit next to my Jeffrey Campbell Clinics and Litas; What a happy family. Have I mentioned how amazing JC shoes smell…? I’m not even kidding, it’s the first thing I always notice when I take them out of the shoe-box!

Well, I took these lovelies out (to Ikea for swedish meatballs and to King’s Park) and managed to snap some photos! My mum took the following photos for me, she is such a sweet-heart, hehe. I’m wearing a contrasted bright pink blazer on a green tank with lace shorts. It’s quite depressing how the weather is getting warmer because I love Winter and its chilly mornings…

I’ll post some outfit photos from on my personal blog soon so check it out if you have the chance!

P.S. The JC Tardys are beyond godly, right? Seriously though, the velvet finish is everything you could ask for…



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