Pass me a Cosmopolitan.

I had plans with my friend after work. She was like…”you should totally come to spin with me…” and I was like…”OMG I LOVE that bar…yes, let’s get ten thousand drinks and play the juke box.” A silence fell and something came between us, something strange….”Um, not honey, SPIN class, i have a free pass!” So i said..”Oh my gosh, yes, i love spin, i’ll meet you there!” Ten minutes until the class I sent a text saying I got caught in a transatlantic conference call and couldn’t get out of it! Meanwhile I was at Boarders drinking an iced latte reading magazines without paying for them. That’s where I found this little gem–Cosmopolitan August issue—featuring the Sam Edelman LORISSA. We offer this in every color under the rainbow—-so get on it people–and you are really motivated–invite me to some random cardio class so I can ditch you too.

  • http://Website morgane

    bought these shoes and the gems/studs fall off…not worth it! I ended up getting a different pair of sam edlemans….i still love his designs!

  • http://Website jess

    lol, let’s be friends