pdx party people do it vintage-style!

Last week we had a little shindig at our Portland home base (aka the one and only SOLESTRUCK STORE!) to kickstart this whole spring thing we keep hearing about. And so with a hefty sale, new spring arrivals from the likes of Senso, Rachel Comey, JC and others, plus more booze then we could possibly consume in a single sitting…CABIN FEVER commenced.

To up the stakes a bit, we decreed that the attendee with the most rockin’ shoes would receive a $200 SOLESTRUCK gift card to spend as they please. Portland gals for the most part went vintage…and for that, we love them. We snapped some pics of a few faves and now we need your help to decide the final winner!

Leave a comment here or on fb with your pick for best in show!


  • bianca alexis

    3rd one down! blue wedge with the feather

  • Karla

    I loooove the blue wedges with the sassy feathers! <3

  • http://Website Hayley

    feather wedges hands down

  • http://Website Grace

    Third shoe!! Immensely awesome.

  • Holmfridur Sigurdardottir

    3rd one down! Blue wedge with feather. LOVE THEM

  • arom

    blue with the feathers for sureeeee

  • http://Website Kaia

    Blue Jeffrey Campbells. Love how the feathers make em look completely different.

  • Satone-Brea

    a tie between the first and the third wedgesssss

  • Kim

    HOLY SHIT, 3rd one down! i wish i could drag them off and make them mine…..

  • Melissa

    agreed..3rd down blue wedge with a amazing..i may just attach some feathers on my litas now

  • http://Website Gaetana

    All of them are very cute but for my favorite I think I’d have to go with the 3rd one down- the wedge with the feathers. I love the charms on them as well! Yummmy :)

  • http://Website Jessica

    Number 3 Blue!
    they are sick

  • http://Website Michelle

    Blue wedges with feathers!! Beeeeeautiful!!!

  • JohanneMorrison

    Third shoe . She’s fucking awesome.

  • http://Website Barbara

    Pic 4 Going Down With The Green and Black Vintage Is My Favorite Because Its VERSA STYLE :) . Versatility and Style Combined And It Incorporates Vintage Very Elegantly :) .

  • http://Website brianna

    def the fourth pic, it was close with those jc blue wedges with the feather but the pair of pumps in the 4th pic are ROCKIN!!

  • ess

    Definitely the third one wedge – hands down.

  • http://Website karyna

    first pair!

  • Ty M

    <3 The two timer with the feather <3

  • Sylvia

    definitely the blue JCs with feathers! love the shoe-accessorizing :)

  • emma

    3rd pair, wedges with feathers, funky!

  • khristina

    jc two timers with the feathers.

  • Tori

    Blue wedges w/ feathers!

  • Soley

    The third pair with the feathers!

  • http://Website Sarah

    While I love the JC’s with the feather, I’m going to go with the Betseyville studded wedges in spot number one!

  • melissa

    My favorite would be the second pair. They have a unique heel out of the bunch and the print and fabric look SO springy! They are pretty girly but you could totally get an edgier look out of them with the right clothes. :)

  • Adrienne

    blue wedges with the feather, killin em

  • Sofia

    I love the second pair!!!!

  • http://Website Ksenia


  • Ashley

    I love the two-timers with the feathers, those are HOT!!

  • http://Website Shena

    I actually like the 2nd pair of shoes. They are so sweet looking.

  • Allison Friendly

    Obsessed with the top wedged shoe! :)

  • Emily

    How can you pick anything but the third ones!? feathers are soo hot right now.

  • http://Website anna

    the third from the bottom, i’m loving the victorian style of it

  • http://Website Gee

    I’m in love with the Solestruck Vintage by AHEM. Perfect with skinny legs; skirt/dress or shorts. Wedges are BACK….

  • Cecilia Viktoria – A Different fashionblog

    Definitely the 3:rd one. From top and down.


    What is not rock with feathers?

  • val

    and the winner is Feather wedge!

  • http://Website erin

    the blue with feathers!!! ahdoy!

  • http://Website kirby

    blue ones with the feathers for sure!

  • http://Website erin

    the blue with the feathers! spicy!!

  • coryna


  • Casey Castro

    Boots with the FURRRRRRR! I mean feathers. FUCK YEAH CLABBERZ!

  • Jasmine B

    2nd one down is my favorite!

  • Nikki

    blue JC’s with feathers – hands down!

  • Stephanie

    I love the blue wedge with the feathers! So creative!

  • http://Website Katy

    The blue wedges.
    Love wedges, love the pop of color against her black outfit. But most of all I love that she personalized them and her them her own brand with the feathers and the charms. Very neat.

  • http://Website Katy

    *made them her

  • Kristel

    Jeffrey Campbell two timer wedge with feathers!

  • http://Website Gillian

    feathered JC two timers!!! definitely!

  • heidi

    Feather wedges!


    DUH, Number 3 down. Not only is she the coolest but she has the most rad shoes!

  • Reg

    the first one is my favorite! simple with a surprise chic element ;)

  • emma

    i’m gonna have to say last but not least. those black boots are stunning and i would rock them with tights, pants, dresses whatever. loves it.

  • Erin

    Blue shoes with feathers are amazing!

  • http://Website Barrie

    Blue platforms with the feathers!!

  • Nicole O.

    Love the Two Timer with the feathers as well!

  • http://Website aimi

    love the blue JC wedge booties with feathers…GORGE!!

  • jai-lyn

    Wedges with the feathers! soooooooo adorable! <3

  • Tessa

    Blue wedgies with the feathers. righteous.

  • http://Website jejunes

    Those JC boots with the feathers are divine!!