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 But you know they won’t last long.   SO SEXY, SO BADASS.

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Finally feels like spring outside, and this is what we’re feelin for spring right now… … like romping through a prairie at dawn.

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Oh, Dr. Marten…at last, you are mine! And we ain’t never splittin up… NEVER.

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Happy Birthday Brick & Black


Our fav local fashion bloggers Brick & Black recently celebrated their very first birthday with an awesome best of photo line up. These two work it so hard! Check out their full post here. Congrats!

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Even if you missed out on the fun at the Fade to Light fashion show we did last month, you can still enjoy the audio from our intro video, and our runway track. 06 Nouveau Americain 09 Yo Pinok image via tumblr    

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I wanna know where the gold at

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Yes, this is an old one, but in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we just had to bring it back. “Who else see the leprechaun say yea!”  

March 16, 2012 0

Those damn leprechauns won’t be pinching you in these


Thought it was only appropriate for a GREEN on the foot seshie in honor of St. Patty’s Day. Top to bottom.  K.t.z. Womens Shoes Embroidered in black neon yellow, Acne Alice Silk in green, United Nude Geisha Hi in neon yellow elastic all in store for your non-pinching pleasure.

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You make me feel so much!

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Oh white doc martens boots! I can’t describe how you make me feel. I can imagine styling you about a hundred different ways… Whatever it is, I like it! So I won’t even try to hide  my feelings . When it’s so strong like this sometimes you just gotta put it all out there. Feelin [...]

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You make me feel so much! 2

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Allow me to break it down….. YOU Make me feel so…. PREPPY NAUTICAL COSMIC GANGSTER Got it? images via Tumblr