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Landlocked Mermaid

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We enlisted the mad skills of young, local photographer Ciara J. Alberts (aka CJ) to shoot our latest pop up lookbook with UNIF. When brainstorming on the project, we knew we wanted it gritty and we knew we wanted the images to have a candidness that showed UNIF like it is, hot, wearable and for the rebellious party girl in all of us. Dirty bar bathrooms across town were a sure way to get the grittiness we were looking for and when we stumbled across CJ’s work we knew it had that perfect mix of artistic and realistic that we needed for the vibe. The combo turned out to be better than we could have imagined and we are so happy with the outcome. 19 and studying photography at PNCA here in Portland, CJ is exactly what we look for in the photogs we work with, she’s young, easy going and confident in her vision. PLUS, she has purple hair and killer style! Scroll through to see some more of her work and if you haven’t checked out the lookbook she shot for us, check it out here.

above: Photo of CJ by friend Alix Walper

Photos by Ciara J.Alberts

Check out more work and CJ’s tumblr at

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