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Behind the Scenes: MELISSA

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What Fall boot are you most excited to get your hands on? I’m really feeling the Rampart. Pointy toe, black Lizard, bootie? I know I will wear them EVERYDAY. Also, still lusting over the Acne Rise boot. This Fall, they WILL be mine.

What styles have been your summer go tos? I have been wearing my Tripolis like crazy. They are the coolest shoes I’ve bought as of late.

Fave fashion idol?  MK & A. Ashley with a dash of Mary Kate to grunge it up is just perfect in my book. I will love them forever.
Sad to see summer go, or excited to see fall arrive? Weather wise, I wish summer would never end, sunny days and sitting on a patio or my sun porch with a cocktail can not be beat. Summers in Portland are the BEST! Fashion wise, I love me some jorts or a romper (or anything super short) but by the end of summer my outfits start feeling a little stale. Layers always make an outfit and help me feel more put together and I love boots A LOT more than sandals.
What trend are you dying to try next season? I am really into white. A crisp winter white or soft eggshell hue seems so refreshing right about now.

Guilty pleasure? Spill it! The Bachelorette, Bachelor or Bachelor Pad. It’s so terrible but I can’t not watch it. I’m so disappointed in myself.
Favorite in store pop up (past or future)? Past, I loved the Unif pop-up because of coure, I wanted everything! This Dolce Vita apparel is currently haunting me. The marigold lace romper has my name all over it, I’m trying my best not to give in and try it on…
What are your fave spots in the hood to hit up after work? Well you can find us at the Annex having a glass of wine or 3 at least 2 times a week after we close the store. For an afternoon pick me up, a piece of chocolate or a coffee from Cacao across the street never disappoints.
Where can you be found if not at Solestruck? 90% of the time I can be found here at Solestruck. The other 10% I’m usually sitting on a patio drinking wine & talking about Solestruck with my Solestruck babes. We kinda have a problem where we work together and hang out together ALL THE TIME!

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