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Behind the Scenes: Isabel.

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What Fall boot are you most excited to get your hands on?  

For sure the JC Hanger.  This boot hits at the perfect spot on your ankle and brings in the texture I just LOVE about fall clothing.  It is sold out on the site (duh!) but we have a 6 (my size) and an 11 left in the store still.  Calling my name, every day I’m here.  Jee wiz it’s hard working here sometimes!

What styles have been your summer go tos?

Summer is all about comfortable simplicity for me, no blowdrying, not a lot of makeup, breezy free flowing clothes in bright hues, so obvi the Sam Edelman Gigi in gold glitter were all up on my feet this summer.

Fave fashion idol?

My Solestruck ladies give me a hard time for this but I am obsessed with Jennifer Aniston.  I love how she blends a little trend within her all around classic pieces, it all seems so simple and easy chic. She is also drop dead GORG so she could be naked and still look amazing I’m sure.

Sad to see summer go, or excited to see fall arrive?

Sad to see cold beers and light apps go but I am definitely ready to layer up.  Ever since I was little I have been all about boots and oversized warm sweaters so I’m not sad at all for summer to go, that’s what vacay is all about!

What trend are you dying to try next season?

I am all about these pattern mixes.  Talk about an intriguing way to express yourself.  Dying! Straight faced tell me you wouldn’t want to wear these, you’d so be lying.

My fave pattern mixes

Guilty pleasure? Spill it!

Oh god, here come the laughs.  The Real Housewives of NYC is my most guilty one, BUT, wait for it, I have even gotten my husband to watch them with me too, he likes the “dramatism”.  I like to tell myself I watch just for the outfits, but who am I kidding?

Favorite in store pop up (past or future)?

I LOVED the Black Milk that we hosted in July.  Their customers (AKA sharkies) are amazingly crazy and vibrant.  I enjoyed talking on the phone and interacting with each one of them so much!

What are your fave spots in the hood to hit up after work?

My fave one just went out of business so I am mourning the loss of them right now (RIP Corazon), it WAS too good to be true to have $3 dollar top notch tequila shots and amazing tacos and guac within a blocks distance of our thirsty mouths. Now I’m pretty much getting tipsy in my new house, cheaper, bigger, and who wouldn’t want to have ME as a bartender? I pour the stiffest drinks in P-Town baby!

Where can you be found if not at Solestruck? 

I’m in nesting mode right now with my hubby, buying pieces, DIY’ing, hanging pictures and art etc etc in our new house since it’s summer. During the year though, I am pretty much eating my books, and drinking lots of wine while writing papers as a student at PSU, or working, where we also drink lots of wine, at Solestruck.  So glam right?

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