September 24, 2012 0

That S#!$ CRAY


The other morning I awoke to an email sent at 10pm the night before. There was only a subject line that read “Please look for a video titled Isabel Torres on the desktop”. This made me a little worried so naturally I rushed through getting ready (sans hair wash, real thick eyeliner) and sped to work.  Thoughts ran rampant through my top knot adorned head, “Had someone caught me picking my wedgie on the video camera at the store?  Trying on too many shoes and instagraming them all?”  I didn’t even set my handbag down before logging on to the computer and this is what I found…(Click Below)


For those of you who don’t know, the star and Britney wannabe, of this music video is our new mens buyer Henry with a guest appearance from our graphic designer Tina (AKA brow master) .  Here is a better pic of Henry I took the other day at the office.

And this is Henry’s fave shoe that he is probably wearing at this moment without socks. Oh and Henry, if you’re reading this, which I’m SURE you are, it’s Isabel not Isabelle, Got it?

This video is inside evidence that we are IN FACT just as crazy as all of you and will continue to be so we can bring you the most insane shoes for your most little insane feet.  XOXO.

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