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It’s almost time to eat a whole lota turkey, gravy and whatever weird casserole your auntie makes. Whatever you do to celebrate this day, we hope you spend it with family and friends. Wear your stretchy pants and something that wine stains can be washed out of, just be sure to dress it up with some platforms ladies, it’s still a Holiday OK! Kick up those well adorned feet and have a drink or two (or 5… we won’t tell) and be thankful for what you have (and I don’t mean your new Jeffrey Campbells).

We know we’ll be fighting a turkey and booze hangover Friday morning and will most likely oversleep those crazy door buster sales. (Who wants to get shoved and elbowed by moms in jumpsuits and sneakers fighting over appliances and tvs anyway??) So…. we’re teaming up with the other Blackbox stores to bring you a Black Friday Happy Hour Sale.

To show how thankful we are for you, we’ll be offering 20% off Solestruck and Bridge & Burn goods from 4-7pm with an additional 5% off if you check in on facebook or twitter while shopping.

And… we’ll be serving up HOT MULLED CIDER. Bam!

Sleep in, shop local, and sip while you do it.



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