February 23, 2013 0

Blue Star Donuts, our new FAVE place.


So let me just tell y’all a little bit about what is on our block here at SolestruckPDX.  First, across the street to the left is American Apparel, where second shift outfits arise out of our disdain for what we wore into work.  Next to that is, Odessa, where amazing Isabel Marant pieces taunt us daily.  Next to that is Cacao, a fancy schmancy chocolate shop which probably gets more of our money than all the rest.  And to the right of Cacao is Prima salon, where rushy morning makeup and hair gets an immediate fix by the sassy ladies who rule the floor.  Now, like we need any more torture, a new shop just opened to the right of Prima called Blue Star Donuts.  Thank you, now our skinny jeans will never ever fit again.  Besides the cutest NY Deli inspired inside, the donuts are nothing like we’ve ever seen before.  Specially crafted, warm little calorie packed morsels sure to wisk away any bit of hangover you ever had.  You should go check it out, because, lets face it, this is why leggings and sweat pants exist people.

Photo’s courtesy of Blue Star Donuts.

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