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August 22, 2012 0


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Deep breathes, deep breathes, deep breathes……THE NEW GRIMES VIDEO FINALLY HIT THE WEB!!!!! And damnnnn, it looks so outta this world awesome. The clothes, the crew, the pimped out suv, the snake, the dance moves, THE SHOES, I can’t even. The Deandri Olga made the cut, and we couldn’t be more excited. Get a pair [...]

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June 20, 2012 0

Deandri in the house!

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We are so excited to have two styles by Deandri here at the store. They arrived just in time for frolicking in this 80-degree weather, wahoo! Both Olga and Helga are keeping cool inside, but want you to come and buy them so they can frolic in the weather too! Blogger babe, Vintage Virgin, was [...]

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