Pearly Whites

I’ve been really into pearl sunglasses lately. It’s probably the most random thing to secretly obsess about but there’s something so borderline cool and tacky about them that I can’t help but be drawn to this beautiful potential train wreck. When styling these bad boys you either have to commit and go all out or keep it simple and add a little pop with the glasses. I’m all about limiting my outfits to 1 crazy piece max but I do quietly envy those who can pull off so much craziness in one outfit and manage to not look like Punky Brewster. More power to you.

What do you think? Have I lost my mind? Yay or nay on the glasses?

For those of you who are a yay I found some affordable options here and here

And obviously these are the easiest DIY, just need a glue gun and pearls and you’re golden.