Philip Treacy

If we didn’t sell shoes, we’d probably be selling Philip Treacy¬†headpieces.

Treacy’s latest exhibition during London Fashion Week featured all black models, including the legendary Alek Wek as well as one Lady Gaga (the exception to the all-black rule [pictured above]), and was themed in honor of the late Michael Jackson. Fantastic fun.

JUST awesome.

From top to bottom, “art pop” all over. Take it away, FINSK.

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Happy London Fashion Week! See the rest from Philip Treacy’s collection here.

  • Sandy

    I really wish that this trend would legit catch on
    personally, i love head pieces, and I used to mess around with fabrics and stuff on my head when I was a kid
    I think they’re so unique and expressive, just like any article of clothing/accessory/shoes
    I think I’ma take the plunge and just go for it, start making and wearing my own little head pieces : ))

  • Henry

    Do it Sandy, you millinery maven you!