This PYT (with legs that would appear to go on for a minimum of 18922098@#%^WTF#$ miles! #UMJEALOUS) just won herself a free pair of shoes for submitting a pic of herself fully rocking the SENSO ANGES in fleuro on our FB PHOTOBOOTH APP!

***This is our 2nd round of doing this contest/giveaway and we are still working out some bugs so please bear with us. If you had any issues uploading your pic, you get another chance every other week!*** A big ole THANK YOU everyone who entered this round!!

Like, we’ve said before this will be a continuously running contest where we will be gifting a pair of shoes every two weeks! Here’s a fresh reminder on how it works: You get one week to upload a pic on FB (just click the photobooth app and the instructions are super easy!). Then, the submission periods ends and the next week will be the voting period. The pic with the most votes at the end of the week will recieve a free pair of shoes up to $200!

SO—-next time MR/MRS UPS DELIVERY PERSON shows up at your doorstep with a fresh SOLESTRUCK delivery, make sure you snap a quick pic of your new favorite shoes and head directly to our FB page ;)

  • http://Website aacy_j

    yipeeee wooohooooo girl u won ^____^ m dancing with Joy :) :)

  • Imsu

    Hi! I just replied to the email!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so happy!

  • Nicole O.

    Love it! She’s rockin’ the hellz outta those. Makes me want to cry how amazing those wedges are.