OH, have you heard?? We’ve got this SUPER AMAZZING facebook contest where we give away a free pair of shoes every 2 weeks! Here is a little rundown on how it works.

Welcome to the Solestruck PHOTOBOOTH:

WEEK 1 (AKA “The submission period”)

  1. Upload a picture of you rocking your latest Solestruck purchase here:
  2. Hint: We want to see your face and the shoes!! I meeeaan…. you’re obviously super hot. If you’re not in to showing your face, that’s cool–just an amazing shot of shoes works perfectly. Just your face tho? Sorry, doesn’t count…
  3. During this week, Photobooth will only accept photo submissions. You cannot vote. We want every picture to have an equal opportunity to get votes, regardless of when they were uploaded. So, we give an entire week for everyone to submit their entry.

WEEK 2 (AKA “The Voting Period”)

  1. During this week, you cannot upload a picture on to Photobooth. If you missed the submission period (AKA WEEK 1) you only have to wait another week and then the contest will RE-OPEN for new entries.
  2. LET THE VOTING BEGIN. To vote, click on “view entries.” Below each picture will be a “VOTE” button. Click once and BAM—You have just voted!
  3. Comments don’t count as vote. We love comments, we want you to comment on the photos you love—but regardless, only clicking the “VOTE” button will count as a vote.

The Solestruck PHOTOBOOTH will be sticking around for awhile. So if you miss one submission week—you just have to wait until the following week and it will start over again! Remember: 1 week for pics, 1 week to vote, {INSERT WINNER OF FREE SHOES}, and then 1 new week for pics, 1 new week to vote), etc…

And now, since you’ve been so patient learning the rules. Here is the opening sequence of STEP BY STEP (AKA mid-nineties television gold).