As someone who actually would die to be up close and personal with Lux & Ivy, Sid & Nancy, or hell, at least bang Joey Ramone.. I’m having a hard time with this years Met Ball theme tonight. While I guess I’m happy that punk is getting some recognition, the fact that it’s being held by the least punk people on earth (who actually shunned the movement in it’s prime) makes it a real toss up for me.



Although punk has forever been commercialized (especially now), I do honestly appreciate the designs in the showcase. Original Vivienne Westwood tees (that tit tee that haunts my dreams), Comme Des Garcons, and I’m certain lots of McQueen. What I’m really stoked for though, is to see what people will be wearing to said event- when it’s typical fashion to wear the latest from the runway in hopes of being the most glamorous thing on the red carpet and impressing Ms. Wintour herself, my guess is that everyone will show up with a fake nose ring and black lipstick, maybe some combat boots with their $10,000 gowns. Cause that’s what punk! Not giving a fuck!

Anyway, here’s some jams to get you pumped for the big spectacle:

Be sure to tune in tonight and take a shot for every fake piercing or safety pin through the ear you see!