POPSTOPTV Dishes with Bridgette of Team JC.

We work a lot with the entire Jeffrey Campbell team, they are all so good to us, from customer service, to sales, to shipping and product questions they always come to our rescue! However, when we need the real dish on what is coming up,  and what we should look for—we hunt down Bridgette. This LA native (and blogger) works for team JC out of NYC—and speaks in a secret language that revolves around terminology and jargon like: “Tranny-shoes,” “Baby-Gays,” “Sparkleunicornmadness,” “ROFLCOPTER” and “BAYBAY-SPLOSIONS!” Granted, we never know what she is saying half the time—-but she always guides us to the craziest corners of the JC shoe cave! Seems like we aren’t the only one’s loving JC and Bridgette—Dena and Xixi from Pop Stop TV recently caught up with Bridgette to talk trends, shoe dreams and Jeffrey Crushes.

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