Postcards From The Edge: THE WINNERS!

Partnered with the insanity that is the BLACK MILK x JC release, we held a contest to win some free BM merch called POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE. You guys sent in postcards from all over world and flooded our P.O. Box with so much amazingness and creativity, that it was about to burst! Now, when I say that it was hard to choose our 2 favorites (BEST POSTCARD, BEST MESSAGE), it was damn near impossible. I kept announcing “We’re gonna have to find more Black Milk somewhere, I can’t choose JUST TWO!”. Unfortunately, I could not procure more said merch, but lucky enough for the rest of all our amazing fans who entered, we chose 13 other winners at RANDOM!

Without further adieu..


Merena Nguyen blew us away.. I mean, HOLY S%#T!


If you know us by now, you know that if you make us literally blow milk out of our noses, you’ve stolen our hearts. So congrats, J. Catron, you we’re successful.


We had so many entries that a hat just wouldn’t do.. so we pulled out the big guns- a brand new trash bag to hold them all! We dug in, one by one, and pulled out a postcard at random; some of you we got multiple times! Strategy at it’s best.

Sending out a MAJOR THANK YOU to all of our incredible fans and to everyone who entered. They were some of the raddest, sweetest, and most creative postcards we’ve ever seen! We <3 you guys.
To the winners– We will be contacting you shortly!



  • on April 2nd, 2012 - Khathy said:

    Hey Solstruck!
    I realize that I didn’t write my email address on my postcards (i sent in the Japanese street style ones). Thanks!

  • on April 2nd, 2012 - Allison RockLove said:

    If it’s pictured, did it win??? Or only the top two actually get leggings? Mine is the post card trying to procure leggings for our BlackMilk-less illustrator friend Zelda… but I don’t want to tell her the surprise if we then find out later she doesn’t actually get the prize. What to do? My email is (it might not be on that card).

  • on April 2nd, 2012 - momo said:

    I sent like 8 postcards but no luck, guess that’s just my luck. :( Well congrats to all who won!

  • on April 3rd, 2012 - Kyna said:


  • on April 4th, 2012 - FlaG said:

    Arg! I’m so annoyed none of my postcards were picked! I guess I’ll now have to save up like everyone else for a pair of BM leggings…

    That said, congrats to those who did win. Some of those postcards are really quite rad, and I’m glad they won. Enjoy your spoils, girls!

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