After eight years of displaying its high-end Italian fashion goods in the plains of West Texas (A.K.A. Middle Of Nowhere), opening its faux doors to absolutely nobody, Prada Marfa is now facing termination.


The lonely art installation by Scandinavian artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, financed by the Art Production Fund and Ballroom Marfa, captured the fascination of fashion photographers, art critics, Beyoncé’s instagram and Tumblr girls worldwide since its inception in 2005. Purposely intended to decay over time, the unassuming installment was mocked, vandalized and, not surprisingly, looted. The building was immediately broken into, with all of its contents (six handbags and 14 right footed shoes) stolen. Since the robbery, the new Prada Marfa purses have been quietly booby trapped, concealing a security system that alerts authorities when bags are moved. Further, only the right shoes of each pair are on display, and the window panes have been replaced with bullet-resistant polycarbonate… BITCHESZ.

Now, Texas state officials are claiming the store to be an illegal roadside advertisement, discussing what to should be done with a must-see for tourists and must-hit for vandals attraction.



You can protect the installation on this facebook page or by using #savepradamarfa on twitter. If terminated, Elmgreen says they will erect a version somewhere else.


If this thing gets taken down, I will SCREAM.



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