PRE-FALL trending now with SOLESTRUCK.

Sure it’s still June, and you are busy hitting BBQ’s, working that tan line, and frequenting your favorite patios for after work bevvies. but lets face it–September will be here shortly—and while we aren’t suggesting you start laying out your HALLOWEEN costume quite yet—we are hinting at the fact that fall is just around the bend.

Last week we launched some fall preview on the site…and more will come as we near August. Items and trends we see coming your way for FALL will be trickling in to SOLESTRUCK, to give you a jumpstart on your fall wishlist.

Early picks and front runners include:

The Fall Clog boot. The craze continues into fall, we have you covered on this trend, but the first to arrive to the site is the JC ERIKSON. Clog+Boot+Perfection.

Another trend we love is the HIKER. This version, on a low squared off heel is super practical and adorable. Speed hook lacing up the front gives the Jeffrey Campbell Bradley an authentic look. Already selling out!

Ankle Boots are huge and we love this Gee Wa Wa version with crazy mixed proportions. Oversized wedge with cutout base–so good! Presale now and ships in about 2.5 weeks!

Crazy! Item driven looks are always top sellers here at SOLESTRUCK and the MADNESS boot by Jeffrey Campbell is no exception. It’s part goth meets part futuristic chic. Stay tuned as we introduce tons of stand alone styles like these for fall, boots that give you a look all your own! The MADNESS is instock now and ready to be rocked out!

Wedge boots! If you shop solestruck, you know we love a wedge! The FRONT, another boot from Jeffrey Campbell, is the perfect EVERYDAY boot. Low slung walking friendly wedge, with front combat detailing—this boot is like our 24/7 go-to. We are introducing a TON of wedge boots for fall. All heights, shapes and sizes, but we like this one for what it is….simple, easy and wear-it-now season-less ease.