It’s official; metallics are back. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen their influx start to really gain popularity in the latter months of 2012, but for 2013, be prepared to see a full blown case of SHINE. This is especially true in the shoe department, because lets be honest, sometimes hologram dresses can make you feel like you’re an actual fun house mirror (sorry fat days, I just can’t with you), so the easiest way to transition into the trend is on your feet.

Miista Zoe Oxfords

Shakuhachi Elastic Riding Boot

Ego and Greed Victory Platforms

Jeffrey Campbell Lars Sandals

To Be Announced Ten20 Boots

Jeffrey Campbell Brazen Platforms

Jeffrey Campbell Deetz Sandals

Acne Dana Mules

Joes Dolores Heels

Dr. Marten’s Lagston Boots

Jeffrey Campbell Rizzle Sneakers

Jeffrey Campbell Hagen Sneakers

Jeffrey Campbell Royce Heels

Jeffrey Campbell Rockslide Wedges

Don’t you worry, girl; we’ve got all your bases covered!

  • Sean

    Woohoo! Sweet shoes…