Jamie Matherly, the voice behind REFINED RAG, has a sly way of winning you over with her quirkiness, sense of charm and very true to herself style. She accomplished all this over email—and after some quick scans of her blog—we new we needed her to ink a few guest blog posts to get us through the dreary month of January. Meet Jamie.

We got to know her a bit getter when she applied to be a guest blogger here at Solestruck. Her mix of designer vintage, thrifted gems, and street style staples had already won us over—but when she sent us an image of her self atop a plate of Nachos—we knew it was time to break out the mother fucking best friends necklaces!

1.Who is your current celebrity crush? Barack Obama….gay marriage, equal pay for women, and you think I deserve to do the decision when it comes to my own body? My mymymy, Mr. Presient, you sure do know how to get a girl all revvvved up!

2. Why are you the next Solestruck guest blogger?: i’ll keep things spicy! i draw inspiration from a million different people, places, moods, sounds and sights every day. i don’t have one specific “style”, because i find beauty in such a wide variety of styles. i don’t limit myself. one day i’m sweet as can be in a vintage pinafore, and the next i’m wearing a hand made nigerian bat suit that confuses the hell out of you in the best way possible.


3. It’s 10pm on a Friday night what are you doing and where the hell are you?: 10pm? well, by that time i’ve downed enough bullet rye to stay warm, even though the wind is penetrating my leather jacket at speeds upwards of 80 mph. i cling to my boyfriend, as he accelerates even harder, until the street lights blur together into a single line of fire against the black sky…. oh wait, that was a dream. in real life i have to work early on saturday morning, and i fell asleep on the couch for a minute after a little too much brie and apple. but for real, i make a mean cheese platter. it’s practically as exciting as riding on the back of a motorcycle drunk.

4. Where is your dream holiday destination?: this might be lame, but i don’t even care!… i’m the most sentimental sap ever, and always want to be home for the holidays. i go all overboard decorating, and turn my house into a big, ridiculously awesome holiday spectacle. oh god, now i have “i’ll be home for christmas” stuck in my head.

5. Tell us one secret about yourself: ok, my real celebrity crush is michelle obama. i was being a little bit timid when it came to question number one, but if we’re telling secrets… LESBIHONEST.

Stay tuned for her rants coming up on our blog—and here’s a little sneaky peaky of her styling the OC Grunge buckle boot—which I am dying over! I mean…anyone giving that much Virgin Suicides is a winner in my book! Jamie—welcome to the blog babe….now pass the nachos girl!

  • Oddness/Weirdness

    Love it! Can’t wait to see her guest post and I’m so so jealous of those OC boots. I want!