Public School


If you’re reading this blog entry, then you are two things:

1) bored
2) someone who surfs fashion blogs when they’re bored.

At some point in your lazy browse through the web’s many style and fashion blogs, you’ve probably come across Public School. The NYC based, Made-In-America obsessed design house that swept the CFDA off their feet? Fashion’s current captains of the tailored streetwear-sportswear-fusion movement? One of the most exciting developments in U.S. Menswear? Well let me fill you in.


Designers  Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne were born and raised in New York City: and thus begins the DNA of Public School. Menswear for those in the concrete gauntlet. Somewhere between basics and formal attire, Public School creates authentically-street-inspired basics geniously cut and tailored into chic, forward-thinking fashion with just a different cut of a T-shirt. To the uncareful eye, Public School’s humble creations go completely unnoticed–and that’s exactly the unassuming, respectable point.

In 2010, the CFDA launched the Fashion Incubator business development program–of which Public School was the only menswear brand included. Fast forward to 2013, and the brand was named the first winner of the prestigious 2013 CFDA VOGUE Fashion Fund Award.


Solestruck is so proud to support Public School as it begins its journey.
You need to seriously keep PSNY on your radar. 




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images via Selecticism, Barneys, Forbes