We ever so slowly moved our coworker Neil’s desk toward the wall.  He started out with over 36″ of room and over the course of three months we periodically moved his desk back 1″ at a time.  The day he finally knew what was happening, the following pic was taken…


That’s right, we slowly pushed him into the corner with 13″ of space.  He had to put the chair sideways to get in.  This is probably the most satisfying prank we have pulled.  Next time I will try to do some time lapse video to show the amazing progress.  This is way better than the swingline in the jello mold trick.

  • Leslie

    YES! this is a awesome prank

  • j.yo

    LOL! so creative! hahaha

  • Danielle

    Yeah, this was DAMN epic. Goodtimes.