Put on a stretchy pant girl. It’s Black Friday time.

If you have shopped with us for juuuuust over a year,(or maybe just over 7!)  then you might recall the Black Friday sale that rocked our world last year! Well, Welcome back, above you will find a step-by step-guide to staying current with the sale, and help in tracking your favorite items as the discounts get deeper by the day. Before the madness starts–we want to send a giant shout-out to our fans for the most insane last year! As a small and growing indie company–we love your feedback, your criticisms, your compliments, when you take time to give us  updates on how we are doing, and what you think we might be dropping the ball on. We listen! Even during this insane sale time—we try to maximize the shopping experience, but feel free to give us a shout at any time.

If you are a new fan—get ready—we have moved over 30,000 pairs of shoes to the Sale section in the last few days. Amazing finds, designer deals, and insane must have items are all there on our Sale page! This is our largest and one of our only annual sales—so we like to go big! Sale prices dip as time marches towards Sunday—so don’t wait too long–because, well, as we say around the office, “shits about to get real real cray.”

Sending a special shout out to our development team for all the pre-work on this years sale. Major props to our CS team who is ready and prepped for the next 72 hours of madness! Special love to the entire creative team for their efforts on the holiday lookbooks, and social media updates of the madness leading up to and during the sale!

The Surface to Air Louna, as seen above, was originally just under 500.00 on Sale this pump is %299.95.

Get ready as we take 30, 40, then 50% MORE off the Sale price.