Rachel Comey


It’s a brand we’ve carried for years: doesn’t cause as loud a commotion as Jeffrey Campbell, but quietly sells out to die-hard repeat customers. Over the span of 12 years, Rachel Comey has built a “cult” around her clothing and, perhaps most famously, her shoes. But little is known in the mainstream world of fashion about the bizarre brand, the charismatic designer and her refreshing work. We at the Solestruck office are complete and utter fangirls of the “ugly cool” brand; perhaps it’s time to share why.

On the eve of opening her first-ever retail space in SoHo, Comey was recently profiled in The New York Times:


“That’s a bit of a fear that I have,” said Ms. Comey, “That if I open a store, it will be too — —”

“Accessible?” Mr. Carmody offered.

“Will our mystery be lost somehow?” Ms. Comey asked.

“I just think you have a very fervent following,” Mr. Carmody said. “That’s your base. It’s your core.”  

He added: “That thing is precious.”

“Don’t say precious,” Ms. Comey said.

Both paused [...].

“I’m not really worried about that happening,” Ms. Comey said.

rachel comey

While Diane von Furstenberg had the wrap dress and Kate Spade the boxy nylon handbag, Ms. Comey’s stylish take on an unlikely target, the clog, has helped make her the style idol of a relatively new (and some might say oxymoronic) entity: Brooklyn’s fashion-conscious. 

I’m no Brooklyn “Hollywood mom,” but these glorious boots have been living on my feet for years now–and I plan to keep it that way. Sending warm wishes to the Rachel Comey brand as it expands its reach to relaxed tomboys everywhere!

Shop the “ugly chic” Rachel Comey Fall 2013 selection 

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images via The New York Times